Congregation Netivot Shalom Preschool seeks to create a stimulating and enriching educational environment for each and every child.
We are devoted to helping children learn socialization skills, building their self-confidence and teaching them the preliminary skills to explore and experience the world independently from their parents.
In addition, we seek to ignite a spark in each child to lay claim to her or his Jewish heritage and commit him or her to a lifetime passion for learning.

Friday, February 22, 2019

HaShavuah February 22, 2019

HaShavuah February 22, 2019 17 Adar I 5779 We had a nice week, celebrating Purim Katan on Tuesday with fun and silliness (since we have 2 Adars this year - the bigger Purim is March 21) that is why you will find colorful sprinkles in this week's challot. We also continued to explore the value of Kavod. We celebrated two birthdays this week - Rafi G. turned 5 and Barack turned 3! In the afternoon children made a sign to give to Aryeh's abba Josh who is an Oakland public school teacher. At Ma'agal Shabbat we also talked about kavod and sending our good thoughts to teachers, all of whom really deserve kavod! This week's Torah portion, Ki Tisa, is the story of the golden calf - its role was beautifully played by a cow puppet as Aharon and Moshe discussed how the calf cannot possibly be God. In Nevonim, we continued exploring the morning blessing of Malbish Arumim. We read "What Can You Do with Rebozo? a book about the versatile scarf/blanket from Mexico. We also looked at Torah fabrics such as a binder (chagurah) and a Torah cover (me'il Torah), as well as other Jewish fabrics like a challah cover and kipah. We started a new birthday tradition when we celebrated Rafi's birthday, acting out how it takes the earth a whole year to revolve around the sun, celebrating each year in a child's life. We also did a lot of puzzles this week. In Nachshonim we jumped and popped bubble wrap. We played limbo with a brown stick. We got a new shopping cart so we made a supermarket in the classroom. We had great fun playing with bubbles.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

HaShavuah February 14, 2019

HaShavuah February 14, 2019 9 Adar 1 5779 We had an awesome week of fun and learning about Kavod. We had fun rainy days this week and an especially cozy Pajama Day. Melita sang songs about animals and we all enjoyed playing with the new toy animals Rabbi Chai gave us. Rabbi Chai came to sing with us in our cozy classrooms and even came to dance with us in the social hall! In Nevonim we looked at the morning prayer "malbish arumim" thanking God for giving us clothing. We read "Joseph Had a Little Overcoat" and did a play with fabric. We also read a "Pocket for Corduroy" and made pockets out of felt and put precious things in them. We had a hot cocoa party in the social hall for our very rainy Pajama Day. Today we decorated cookies thanks to Gabriel and Rafael's Imah Felisa. In Nachshonim we mixed paint and painted on long strips. We had lots of pushing and pulling of the wagon outside. We played with frogs and logs in the sensory table. We had tons of snuggles and cuddles on PJ day. We built a magna tile tunnel for Oggy - he went back and forth many times. We had fun with the parachute in the social hall.

Friday, February 8, 2019

HaShavuah February 8, 2019

HaShavuah February 8, 2019 3 Adar I 5779 It is time to rejoice because we are in the month of Adar, and this year we get the added joy of 2 months of Adar! We are all focusing on the value of Kavod - to other people, to nature, to our classroom and to our friends. At Ma'agal Shabbat, Rabbi Chai taught about the Torah portion Terumah - how the mishkan was built as a place to hear God. We talked about our own mishkan shalom in the Nevonim kitah. In Nachshonim we explored different colored skin tone markers and pictures of people who have different skin tones. We had great fun in the social hall when it was rainy. We took care of Oggy by filling up his water bottle, feeding him, and cleaning his cage. We made collages with people pictures. We decorated our body tracings and hung them on the wall. In Nevonim, we studied the morning blessing for appreciating sight, pokeach ivrim (opens up the blind). We made new play dough and created many things with it. We practiced shadow puppetry. We explored sea animals and books about sea animals. We made collages with cellophane, We celebrated Rosh Chodesh (the new month marked by the new moon) by making pita moons with date syrup. Next week we are having Pajama Day on Wednesday!

Friday, February 1, 2019

HaShavuah February 1, 2019 26 Shevat 5779 What a great week of learning and fun we had! The children came to school Monday morning and discovered the joy of new peepholes in the play yard fence - this has been a long-time coming vision of Anna's so that we can maintain security but still allow little ones to peek our when they hear a siren or a garbage truck go by -we have all had fun using the holes . Thanks to Ruth's husband Maurice for doing that and bringing us some new wooden spools to climb on and play with. Today we started talking a lot about Kavod - Respect whichi s the value we are focusing on this month, but really is a mainstay of every day at preschool - Kavod for each other, for our selves, our classroom, the earth. At Ma'agal Shabbat we learned about this week's Torah portion, Mishpatim, which is all about rules and laws and we talked about rules we have to keep people safe at our school. In Nevonim, we were all thrilled to welcome our new friend Naava who just moved here with her family from Israel. We are learning a lot of Hebrew from her, in particular the word for unicorn "chad keren"! We hope everyone will get a chance to welcome the Romm family into our community. The emergent themes and projects this week were inspired by the rains we just had. We found, rescued and studied bugs who appeared after the rain. We built an environment for a bug and found several California slim salamanders. We studied with Judy the seasonal blessings for thunder, rain and wind - Mashiv HaRuach: Jewish Prayer for Wind and Rain. It is included until Pesach, when a prayer similar to “Geshem,” meaning “Rain,” namely “Tal,” meaning “Dew,” is recited. This lesson inspired sensory play about wind and rain. We planted actual potatoes (tapuchei adamah) in the ground to get potato plants. We had great fun with clay outside and paper mache inside and are creating many different shapes. Our new favorite book is called "One." Several children were creating firetrucks and jungle trucks. In Nachshonim, we explored colored foam paint on the tables. We had a lot of fun experimenting with clay in the sensory table in the yard and some of us enjoyed putting it on our arms! We created communal art, starting with painting a mural one day, and gluing things to it the following day. We traced our body shapes on giant paper. We hung ome art on the wall in the kitah - come and see!