Congregation Netivot Shalom Preschool seeks to create a stimulating and enriching educational environment for each and every child.
We are devoted to helping children learn socialization skills, building their self-confidence and teaching them the preliminary skills to explore and experience the world independently from their parents.
In addition, we seek to ignite a spark in each child to lay claim to her or his Jewish heritage and commit him or her to a lifetime passion for learning.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

HaShavuah - September 21, 2018

HaShavuah - September 21, 2018, 12 Tishrei 5779 This week in the Nachshonim kitah we continued our exploration of color mixing. We made yellow, orange, light blue and purple. We have had a lot of fun playing with and feeding Otzar in the morning. On Thursday we made eggs in the nest - each child made a hole in a slice of bread, broke an egg and poured it in the bread - teachers cooked it and then children got to eat it for snack. We played "the floor is lava" outside (we put wooden blocks on the woodchips so we could walk "safely" and practice our balancing skills). We practiced Hachnasat Orchim as we welcomed Maor to our class since he is now two years old and ready to join the fun! Mazal Tov! In the Nevonim kitah we sang Happy Birthday to the world and blew out candles. We used eye droppers to mix liquid paint in trays. We made "I'm Sorry" cards for Yom Kippur. We fed and handled Otzar the hamster. We did Yom Kippur art. Melita came to sing with us on Tuesday and Zahava joined in with her drums and we had a dance party! On Thursday we made challah and had our first attempt at building a sukkah. We have been really enjoying playing with trains, blocks, cars and all kinds of transportation. We have also been practicing Hachnasat Orchim and cooperating with each other. On Friday Rabbi Chai (along with puppets Miriam and Moshe) talked to us about building a sukkah.

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