Congregation Netivot Shalom Preschool seeks to create a stimulating and enriching educational environment for each and every child.
We are devoted to helping children learn socialization skills, building their self-confidence and teaching them the preliminary skills to explore and experience the world independently from their parents.
In addition, we seek to ignite a spark in each child to lay claim to her or his Jewish heritage and commit him or her to a lifetime passion for learning.

Monday, February 5, 2018

HaShavuah - Nevonim

February 2, 2017  
17 shvat, 5778

Shalom Families
This week we made a spider ambulance, to rescue the huge spider we found in the play yard
We made 3D glasses using eclipse sunglasses and red and blue cellophane paper.
We learned about Parashat HaShavoua- the 10 commandments. We discussed how the commandments basically say we should be nice to each other.
We went on a field trip to Ofra's community garden, to nibble on kale and look at trees and plants. Thanks Brenna, for coming along

We had Tu BeShvat Seder, guided by Judy Massarano. We learned about, and tasted, a lot of different fruits, and even ate flowers! That was exciting (and not very yummy)

Our grass heads are sprouting! The children water them every day.

The children play with spray bottles outside and practice sharing and  taking turns.

We built a tent on top of the deck, using a green tarp tied to the trees. We brought pillows and hung out.

Some of the children conducted a self directed Ballet lesson on the rug. They practiced, and during circle time put on a show.

Read-a-thon is coming up! Look for updates from Aliza

Have a wonderful new week everyone.
Anna, Colin and Angelina

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