Congregation Netivot Shalom Preschool seeks to create a stimulating and enriching educational environment for each and every child.
We are devoted to helping children learn socialization skills, building their self-confidence and teaching them the preliminary skills to explore and experience the world independently from their parents.
In addition, we seek to ignite a spark in each child to lay claim to her or his Jewish heritage and commit him or her to a lifetime passion for learning.

Friday, December 16, 2016

HaShavuah - Nevonim

 December 16     16 kislev

We made sufganiyot!
We went to the Vivarium!
We explored the mini-park!
We got ready for Chanukah!
We made art with chalk, ladders, and sand.
We learned about Yakov's struggle and trust in/help from Gd.

Shabbat Shalom and Happy Chanukah!

Judy, Ruth and Krissy

Monday, December 12, 2016

HaShavuah - Nachshonim

December 9   9 kislev 
This week ...

Using our senses we...

- Mixed tempera paints, using primary colors we made all the colors of the rainbow.
- We built with soft blocks and shaving foam
- We played with play dough and tools
It rained so we...
- Played in the rain and jumped in puddles. 
- When we got tired of getting wet we went inside and played in the social hall. 
- Enjoyed the song ילדה אחת ומטרייה אחת (one girl and one umbrella)- we listened to it on a CD, we read the song book and even enacted the scene with an umbrella.
We used stuffies to act out a story in Hebrew about a boy who didn't want to sleep on his own, and his stuffies come to join him
To stay safe...
We had another fire drill- now we know how to be safe in case of emergency.
We are still waiting for our butterflies...

Have a good week everyone!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Hashavuim - Nachshonim

December 2     2 kislev

Shalom families,

First thing we want to say is congratulations to Rafi for joining the Big Brothers Club last week! Sending love and kisses to Ima Mira and Aba Judd and baby brother Ari.
Last week we got to see Melita on Monday, because Thursday was Thanksgiving.We made a communal painting with car tire marks on big paper- it's hanging on the wall in the Kitah.We played with bugs in play doh and in sticky foam. We got messy with ooblek and foam paint. And we made pancakes for snack.
We got a wooden doll house to play with, and little wooden people to live in it. We also go a few cardboard boxes and enjoyed hiding inside them and placing them over our heads.
Our caterpillars have each made a chrysalis, and now we wait for them to come out as butterflies.
We have been playing a game called "Scooby Doo" at circle time. Each person gets a chance to show what they an do with their body. We also enjoy singing the song in Hebrew.
At circle time, we talked about digging for the toys we want in our bins instead of dumping them all out on the carpet. That way we won't have a big mess and we won't step on our toys and break them.

See you on Monday

Ofra and Anna

Friday, December 2, 2016

HaShavuah - Nevonim

December 2   2 kislev

We have been Parsha busy! This week we talked about siblings, and made lentils recalling Ya'aqov and Esav's famous barter. Last week we sat in Avraham and Sarai's tent, with our Nachshonim and senior staff guests, eating chummus made by Nachshonim and pita that we made! We spoke of hospitality and sharing. 

Our artistic endeavors included folded symmetry art using tempera paint, ephemeral art, and a giant collage of lentil stew. 

Inspired by our Shabbatasauras home visits, we had an incredible field trip to the UC Museum of Paleontology! We took the city bus and saw the pterodactyl, T-Rex, a "computer about dinosaurs", and a brontosaurus' skull. We also saw a microscope!

Shabbat Shalom Umevorach!
Judy, Ruth, and Angelina

Friday, November 18, 2016

HaShavuah - Nachshonim

November 18 / 17 cheshvan

This week we continued our butterfly exploration:
We made fold overs with finger paint, and talked about symmetry and how the butterfly's wings are symmetrical. We played with butterfly hand puppets and toys that show all the stages (caterpillar- chrysalis, butterfly), books, toy bugs etc. We even put our caterpillars on the table for a closer look. We saw them move and eat, and some of the kids attempted to draw what they saw.
We got out some car toys and street signs. They were such a big hit that we also brought a giant cardboard tube, and sent the cars racing down the tunnel. 
We have been playing "what's missing" at circle time- we show a few objects, cover them and the take one away and ask the kids what's missing. Practicing our short term memory is fun!
Making Hummus: On Tuesday we looked at dried garbanzo beans, and soaked them. On Wednesday we looked at the beans after they soaked up the water, and noticed how much they expanded, and we started cooking them. On Thursday we made the hummus- we added garlic, lemon and tahini and put it all in the food processor.  
On Friday we had a snack party with our Nevonim friends. They made pita bread and lemonade and we shared our hummus. We sat together in their "tent," like Sarah and Avraham's, as they welcomed us to their kitah/classroom.

Shabbat Shalom everyone. Have a wonderful weekend.

Ofra and Anna

Monday, November 14, 2016

HaShavuah - Nevonim

Shavua tov, everyone. Here are some highlights from the last 2 weeks:

  • Rabbi Kelman visited us to teach about Safrut, Jewish scribal arts. Thank you, Stu! 
  • We painted with foam
  • We created watercolor art
  • We took a Lech Lecha journey dressed as desert travelers
  • We made cauliflower cake!
  • We baked olive/za'atar challah
  • We built and sang about Noah's ark 
  • We played in the rain!
  • We took apart our indoor Sukkah
  • We made our own little Torah scrolls and investigated our classroom ones
  • We voted!
Looking forward to more fun learning,
Judy, Ruth, and Angelina

HaShavuah - Nachshonim

Shalom Families!

Last week we explored water, after the rain. How it freezes when we cool it, and how it becomes steam when heated. We read the story "Polo and the Dragon" in Hebrew. In the story, a sea is turned to ice, and then melts with the dragon's fire. We made ice in containers, and the next day we explored it. We put salt on it and watched it melt, then we poured liquid paint on it and watched the paint spread in the cracks made by the ice. Very cool (pun intended)! We also made herbal tea with leaves from our garden. We noticed the steam as the water started to boil. We compared two kettles and sang "I'm a little tea pot". As we explored water, we also read the book "Float", about a boy and his paper boat in the rain. We made powder paint art, spraying water on the paint with droppers.
We made Black and white art, using white pastels, pencils and chalk on black paper, inspired by Be'Resheet and the separation of light and darkness.
During lunch, we listened to our food as we ate it, and noticed if it's crunchy.

This week we had Davita with us most of the week. We did q-tip paintings, and played with pom-poms, grabbers and egg cartons. We also played with foam paint- that was messy and fun! On Thursday, we made french toast for snack- so exciting!
Ofra's friend, Anthony, came to volunteer at school. He joined us in the play yard and ate lunch with us.
We now have photos with names of all the kids on the  Kitah door, and the kids can "sign in" in the morning and move their picture from "Ba'Bait" (at home) to "Ba'Gan" (at school).
Judy brought us two new special friends- caterpillars! We put them in the butterfly box and plan on caring for them and watching them grow and see what happens. We brought down books about butterflies and we sing butterfly songs. If you have fennel growing near your home, we would love to have a few new branches for our little ones to eat. Thanks!
That's all for now
Shavoua Tov! (Have a good week!)

Thursday, November 3, 2016

HaShavuah - Nachshonim

October 28 

These were the lats two weeks of the high holidays!

We made Sukkah decorations- we decorated cardboard with markers and oil pastels. The kids helped thread pieces of yarn through the cardboard so we can hang it. We also made a communal flag decoration.
We had a chance to look at a Lulav and Etrogh. We listened to the sound it makes when shaken, and we smelled the Etrog. We then practiced shaking our stuffy Lulav to and fro.
We found an earthworm in our yard and enjoyed looking at it and holding it, to feel who it wriggled in our palms.
This week we welcomed our new Friend Noah to the Kitah on his first day of school! Glad to have you with us, Noah!
We experimented with gluing wooden squares and yarn.
We made shapes with rubber bands on our geo-boards.

Conferences are coming up! Please make sure to sign in (the sheet is on the door) and let us know if you need child care.

See you on Monday for the REAL beginning of the year... :-)
Anna, Ofra and Davita

Friday, October 14, 2016

Hashavuah - Nevonim

Shana tova! 

In this busy time on the Jewish calendar, here's what Nevonim have been up to:

-Tashlich at Strawberry Creek Park
-Making a new challah cover for Rosh HaShanah
-Counting our tzedakah coins to see if we have enough to make a donation
-Visiting the food barrel in our foyer and making donations together
-Learning about Sukkot and watching the shul Sukkah being built
-Making decorations for our shul Suhkkah
-Talking about how to be a friend
-On Friday we built our own model Sukkah soon!

Shabbat Shalom Umevorach!
Judy, Ruth and Colin

Hashavuah - Nachshonim

Hi Families!

The last two weeks were full of holiday themes:
Last Wednesday, our new teacher Krissy was with us, and we made round pancakes for snack time.
We talked about Yom Kippur, and how we should pay attention to the feelings of the people around us, and try not to hurt them. This was accompanied with books like "Understand and Care" and "The Way I Feel".
Sukkot preparation- The work bench and tools are out for play.We sing Sukkot songs like "Patish, Masmer" (hammer and nails). We also built with the big cardboard blocks and hammered "nails" to playdogh. We are following closely the building of our big communal Sukkah, and we went to visit the builders a few times to notice the progress. We also made a big communal painting to decorate the Sukkah. Right now it's decorating our room- come and see!
Sensory/ Manipulative activities: We played with shaving cream, and had our wooden zebras graze in a sticky foam field.
Another interesting thing- We started sharing the play yard with our Nevonim friends, what fun!
More books that we read: Sometimes It Looks Like Spilled Milk, Doda Tova (aunt Tova), Cat's Colors, Teddy Bear's Picnic, Sukkot books.

Have a wonderful Shabbat!
Go puddle jumping!

Ofra and Anna

Friday, September 30, 2016

Hashavu'im - Nachchonim

Week of September 26, 2016 / 26 elul, 5776

Hello families!

In the last two weeks we did plenty of things...

Last week...
We made blue and green hand prints, and combined them to make green hand prints. We also moved on with our color explorations, to autumn colors- we mixed yellow and red powder paints in our ooblek and created orange!
Colors are a big hit at this point, and we especially enjoy looking at the rainbow created on our ceiling by the sun's reflection on our CD's.
We practice leaving all our screams outside, and using inside voices when we are in the building- this actually created a funny routine, in which we all scream a lot right before we enter the building and get ready for lunch.
Getting ready for Rosh Hashana- we are talking about Tapuchim U'Dvash (apples and honey) for a sweet new year. We looked at different jars of honey and noticed that the colors are different. We also tasted the honey, and each one tasted a little different and had a different texture. 
Learning about bees and honey, we have been reading the book "from flower to honey". We also got to look at a honeycomb up close
The books we read: Baby Balouga, Hands are not for hitting, Rosh Hashana books, Bark George, Ten apples up on top.

This week...
We mixed red and yellow to create orange and did some salad spinner art with the liquid tempera paints, on round paper (round, for the new year!)
Talking about round challas for Rosh Hashana, we looked at other circles we can find in the Kitah, magnifying glasses, magnetic shapes, the rings of the redwood stump, plates, etc.
We made apple rings with our special apple peeler/cutter/corer. We then put the apple rings in Ofra's dehydrator, and the next day we ate dried apples with our snack.
We did three color apple tasting, and made a chart of which apple flavour we liked the best (come in and check it out!)
We brought the light table to the Kitah, it's very exciting
We danced the Freeze dance, and Animal Action (both from the CD "kids in motion")
Out in the play yard, we planted kale and lettuce seeds, and we played in the turtle-kiddie-pool on the hot days.
We went on another walk around the building and noticed that the Torah in the sanctuary is "wearing white" in preparation for the holidays.
At circle time we talked about how we need to be aware not to knock down other people's projects.
We had our first fire drill this week! We will have one every month, to make sure we are all prepared in case of an emergency.
Books we read: Hallo Hallo Aba, One special day, Pete the cat and his new shoes, Gobble it up, The carrot seed, Go away big green monster, Night night little green monster, We're going on a bear hunt, Good night owl
Shabbat Shalom everyone!
Week of September 26 / 23 elul
This week:

 Apple peeling, apple dehydrating, apple songs for Rosh HaShanah!
We also played with and made art inspired by circles, as the New Year comes around with its new opportunities for growth.
We decorated bags to hold Rosh HaShanah treats that we made for our families including cards, round crayons, and oogat davash/honey cake!
Come see our chag mural, with art inspired by a Rosh HaShanah plate of Yehi Ratzon foods, symbolic foods from the. Sefardic tradition.
We ate these foods at a Seder for Rosh HaShanah.
May the year be full of sweetness, good health, and blessings for all.
Judy, Ruth, Colin and Angelina

Friday, September 16, 2016

HaShavuah - Nachshonim

Hi everyone!

It's been two weeks since the beginning of the school year, and we have been so busy!!
On our first week, we started to get to know each other, created new bonds and new friendships, while practicing and participating in our daily routines, like washing hands with our hand washing song ("Wash,wash, wash your hands, getting them all clean, don't forget the tops and bottoms, and the in- betweens").
We practiced safety with scissors- how to hide the sharp part when walking.
We went on a Tiul / trip through the building. We took the elevator upstairs to check out Lauren in her office, we went into the library and had a look at the Torahs that live there. We observed University Ave. from the windows upstairs, and then we took the elevator down and went running in the social hall and court yard.
We made some Q-tip art with tempera paint and oil pastels on black paper, and even got a chance to frame and hang some of the artworks- don't forget to take a look!
We met our friend Melita and her guitar. She will come to sing and play with us every Thursday morning.
We also read many books and sang many songs in Hebrew and English. "Driving my Tractor" is a hit songbook!!
On our second week we did some blue and yellow art with finger paints and tempera, inspired by Leo Lionni's book "Little Blue and Little Yellow". We discovered that, just like in the story, when blue paint and yellow paint "hug", they turn green!
We jumped on a giant mattress outside in the play yard. We also talked about safety in the play yard, like keeping the sand low and watching our heads when crawling under the deck.
We made new playdough, and it's extremely PINK (as requested by one of the kids)...
We went on another Tiul, this time to visit Daniel in his office, and to the sanctuary, followed by running and playing in the social hall and the court yard.
We have been playing Ofra's Ukulele, dancing and singing. This week's hit- "I've Been Working on the Railroad"
We welcomed a new friend to our Kitah/classroom- welcome Noam!!!
Finally, we looked at a Shofar and talked about it, and on Friday Aba Peter came to show us, and blow, his two Shofars. It was very impressive.

Have a great weekend everyone
Shabbat Shalom!

Ofra and Anna

HaShavuah - Nevonim

Hello, all!
It's been a wonderful two weeks in the Nevonim kitah. Here's some of what we've been up to:

Exploring the concept of height by measuring everyone
Learning about the shofar from our friend Peter Warhaftig, a congregant,  parent alum, shofar blower, and SF Ballet Orchestra tuba player
Upcycling - making new crayons from old ones
Loving to sing and dance with Melita

Jumping on the giant trampoline/mattress!
Exploring circles through painting and coloring
Welcome/Bruchim HaBa'im sign for the hallway - we colored it every day!
Sorting crayons and pastels

Challah dough making every Thursday
Harvesting corn and herbs from our garden!
Absorbing the sound of the Shofar every day during this month of Elul, reminding us that Rosh HaShana is on the way
Getting to know the kitah and each other, and all of our routines...

Shabbat Shalom Umevorach!
Judy, Ruth and Colin

Monday, July 11, 2016

HaShavuah - SUMMER FUN!


These last 2 weeks of Summer Fun were filled with adventures of all kinds. Melita sang with us, we made challah dough (today's loaves featured dates, lemon, and our very local garden herbs), and had visits from Collin and Ofra!
Come visit our finger paint gallery!
Garden news: The corn is much taller than Ruth! We have transplanted a few herbs for better sun exposure, and our borage is much loved by friendly bees doing their work. The lettuce is delicious, the kale is much bigger, and herbs are plentiful.

Bikkur Cholim: Those bees I mentioned led to a wonderful lesson in the mitzvah of caring for the sick. One child stepped on a bee, and was very sad. Friends surrounded her to sing songs, offer comfort, and even use the stethoscope to check on her. She requested the song "Let It Go," and by the next morning, she did!


We love seeing the healthy lunches kids are bringing--keep 'em coming! We can strive for "zero-waste" lunches: using reusable containers is wonderful. We serve milk and water (water is available throughout the day), and you can send a water bottle if you like--better than juice!

Thanks for being mindful of gates and doors to help us all feel safe--much appreciated!

Clear out cubbies of wet clothing--water play is popular. 
Bring back sheets on Mondays--we need 'em.
Shabbat Shalom Umevorach,
Judy, Simone, Vered, and Ruth

Friday, June 17, 2016

HaShavuah - Nevonim

June 16 2016 
Hello, all,
Here's what we've been up to for the last days of school ...

In honor of Shavuot, we read stories of Ruth, Mount Sinai, and the giving of the Torah. We celebrated all things wheaty, from wheat grass (we're growing our own) to cheesecake with dates (milk and honey to the max). We examined a Sefer Torah/Torah scroll and learned about the atzei chayim/wooden rollers that support it (and us)!

The last few days of school were punctuated by another "beach day," collage making, shaving cream construction, and spending time with Melita and Menachem. Of course, our BaDerech ceremony, picnic in the new yard, and our final closing circle gave us a chance to smile, laugh, and cry. 

B'hatzlacha/Great success to our friends moving on to K, transitional K, and Israel!
We wish you all a happy and safe summer!

Judy, Ruth, and Ofra

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

HaShavuah - Nachshonim

HaShavouah - Nachshonim

  • Mon, 13 June 2016 = 7th of Sivan, 5776


Highlights from our week:

Gluing feathers and colorful wooden squares

*  Ofre turned 3 - Happy Birthday

*  We made apple juice with Ofra’s professional juicer

*  So fun to run @ the social hall

*  We made art from natural materials 

*  We had so much fun on beach day

At the sensory table we played with:
Water and floating flowers
Fresh flowers and potpourri
Water and water wheels
Shredded paper

We enjoyed singing and dancing with Melita 
On our last pretend shabbat of the year with our friends and family we said goodbye to our oldest Nevonim friends

Some of the books we're reading:

Inch by inch
Mesiba shel chayot (Animal party)
Going to sleep on the farm

We hope you had a wonderful long weekend.
Looking forward to seeing you all,

Anna, Simone and Vered

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

HaShavuah - Nachshonim

HaShavouah - Nachshonim

  • Sun, 5 June 2016 = 28th of Iyyar, 5776

Highlights from our week:

• We Our butterfly came out of his chrysalis this week.  It was very exciting and we released it into nature.  We are now observing another caterpillar 

*  We made some drawing inspired by the butterfly

*  We’ve mixed tempera paint

*  We made gluten free pancake and ate them with strawberries and plums 

*  we mad some art that resembles butterflies by folding the paper in two

@ the sensory table we played with:
Hay and farm animals 
Water, corks and rocks
Water and sea creatures

We enjoyed singing and dancing with Melita and on pretend shabbat with our friends and family

Some of the books we're reading:

Mix it up
Hatinok haze (this baby)
Eliezer ve hagezer (Eliezer and the carrot)
The cloud police
Beach day

This week we will have Beach Day on Wednesday.  Please send you child with a swim suit and a towel.  Please apply sunscreen on them prior to arriving to school we will reapply as necessary.

We hope you’re enjoying this weekend.

Anna and Vered

HaShavuah - Nevonim

HaShavuah - June 3   26 Iyar 
Lots to report from these last 2 weeks:

  • We have a sensory table in the kitah now, containing fun things to explore like pompoms and cones. Would you like some ice cream??
  • We made sand playdough with sand from our yard!
  • We watched a caterpillar become a butterfly, and set it free in the garden. It's an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, yellow and black. Miraculous!
  • Celebrating wheat as we count the Omer, we made scones, french toast with dates and challah with dates-delicious! We have been reading library books about bread from all over the world.
  • We juiced apples and added wheatgrass we grew in the kitah. Ofra taught us that chlorophyll would turn the wheatgrass green, and it did!
          We celebrated the birthdays of Orly and Nili with a vegetable train
  • For Lag BaOmer we had a medura/bonfire (pretend) outside, and enjoyed baked potatoes and watermelon, like they do in Israel (for real)!
        We pressed flowers onto fabric.  These pieces of art are hanging in the kitah.  
        Come see!
Onward to Shavuot.

Shavua tov,
Judy, Ofra, and Ruth

Thursday, June 2, 2016

HaShavuah - Nachshonim

May 27   19 iyar

So many things have happened lately!
We have caterpillars in the classroom, and we watched one of them grow, turn into a chrysalis and become a beautiful butterfly- that we released outside. We drew our caterpillars and the butterfly with various colors, like colored pencils, crayons and pastels.

We made Hummus and did blue-and-white art, in honor of Israel's birthday. We also decorated the classroom with Israeli flags.

We also celebrated Viola's birthday- happy birthday big girl! :)

We played with all kinds of wooden shapes and built and manipulated them.
We played with our geo-boards, stretching rubber bands and making different shapes
We also made art with liquid paint dripped on coffee filters. 
We did some collage art, which involved cutting, gluing and taping.
We did some stamping are with primary colors- blue, red, yellow.
We traced the outline off the kids on a big piece of paper- you can see the outcome on our wall.

We had a picnic- we took our lunch boxed and ate outside in the yard
We built a pretend fire for La"g Ba'Omer

We had lots of sensory fun with water play, ooblek, playdough and bugs, shredded paper, bubbles, moon sand and sea shells, colorful pom poms, soft blocks, hay and horses, sticky foam, blue water and rocks, dry leaves.

We had lots of fun together at circle time- with games like "bug on a rug", "Whats missing" memory game and "scoobi-doo". We even had a dance party!

The books we read:
The very hungry caterpillar (in Hebrew and English), butterfly books, books about Israel, Russel the sheep, Ma'ase Be-5 Balonim (a tale of 5 balloons- an Israeli classic), Susan laughs, 10 apples up on top, Ze' Lo Argaz (this is not a box), Maisy loves lemonade, once upon a potty.

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Vered and Anna

Monday, May 23, 2016

HaShavuah - Nevonim

HaShavuah - May 20

This week we took advantage of the glorious weather to enjoy a Park Day, and a "Beach" Day. Even if you didn't wear your beged yam/bathing suit, a splashing good time was had by all. We explored moon sand and shells in the sensory table, and ate avatiyach/watermelon too.
Did you know....
  • that on Mondays we harvest tavlinim/herbs for besamim/ritual spices at Havdalah, dry them during the week, and use them in our challah dough?
  • that we grow basil, lavendar, lemon thyme, oregano, sage, mint, rosemary, and tarragon?
  • that our veggies include corn, lettuce, parsley and kale?
  • that we have a random sunflower sprouting up?
  • that you can eat borage?
  • that our flower garden includes pansies, geraniums, succulents, and other plants left over from Shabbat kiddushim and then given a new home in our yard?
  • that we are growing yarrow, marigold, and coreopsis, both for creating plant dyes and for attracting butterflies?
  • that one of our caterpillars is now in its chrysalis, with a few babies getting bigger every day?
See how we grow!
Shabbat Shalom U'mevorach,
Judy, Ofra, and Ruth

Friday, May 13, 2016

HaShavuah - Nevonim

Chag Samayach! 

We learned about and celebrated our love of Israel all week. Here are some of the things we did:
  • flag-making
  • learning about the flag's connection with the tallit 
  • looking for Hebrew all over the kitah
  • studying maps of Israel and Jerusalem
  • singing songs about Israel
  • participating in an "archaeological dig" in our sand pit
  • parading with flags and songs 
  • making and eating hummus--yum!
  • playing "Red light, green light" and other games,  in Hebrew
  • viewing pictures of the old city of Jerusalem
  • examining items from Israel like games, books, and pottery
  • visiting the "Kotel"
Sababa! It was very cool.
Shabbat Shalom u'mevorach,
Judy, Ruth, and Ofra

Monday, May 9, 2016

HaShavuah - Nachshonim

HaShavouah - Nachshonim

Sat, 7th May 2016 = 29th of Nisan, 5776

Highlights from our week:

*  We celebrated Sara turning 3 - Mazal Tov!

*  We’ve practiced cutting yarn with scissors 

*  Collage making - ripping and glueing 

*  Transportation , What a Fascination - singing and playing with the felt board

*  We’ve made gluten free pancakes from scratch with raisins in them

*  We brought out the funny card - you can look at them when you drop off - a fun activity

*  We hung the Israeli flag in our Kitah in excitement for Yom Haatzmaoot

*  We also looked at photos of Israel and Vered brought photos to show of her when she was a little girl in Israel 

At the sensory table we played with:
Water and sea creatures
Sawdust, trucks and people
Colorful shaving foam
Shells with magnifying glass

We enjoyed singing and dancing with Melita and on pretend shabbat with our friends and family

Some of the books we're reading:

We all go traveling by (book and song)
Oh, No!
Le Doda Tova, Haya La Kova
Let’s visit Israel
My friend rabbit 
We’d like to wish all our wonderfully amazing mothers Happy Mother’s Day!!!  Spending the days with your children we can see all the hard work you have put into them. We appreciate you! 

We hope you’re enjoying this weekend with your family.

Anna, Simone and Vered

Monday, May 2, 2016

HaShavouah - Nachshonim

HaShavouah - Nachshonim
Fri, 22 April 2016 = 14th of Nisan, 5776
Highlights from our week:

*  Lots of Magna tile 3D creations on our light table

*  Tasting Parsley with Salt water

*  Chametz cleaning and looking using flashlights, dustpan and brush

*  What’s Missing - our memory game using passover icons

*  We made pretend Matza with playdaugh 

*  We made art mixing glue with sand 

* At the sensory table we played with colorful water beads

* We enjoyed singing with Menachem and singing and dancing with Melita and on pretend shabbat with our friends and family

Some of the books we're reading:

First Book of Sea Creatures
This is Passover
Ma Nishtana
I Have Four Questions

Shabbat Shalom and Happy Passover

We hope you have a wonderful week with your children and families.
חג חירות שמח

Anna, Simone and Vered

HaShavuah - Nevonim

Shalom Nevonim Families!
I hope everyone has been enjoying the Pesach break! We would like to fill you in on the two weeks that led up to Pesach.

Pesach activities:
- Inspired by the journey through the desert, we learned how to make sand play dough for sculpting.
- We talked a lot about water in the story of Passover, and talked about sweet and salty water.
-We added salt to our temper paints as an experiment. It makes the paint watery and have a bumpy texture when dry. 
- We sang every Peach song we know!
- We took a field trip to the community garden to collect Chazerret and Carpas (lettuce and parsley) for our seder plates. Thanks to Kazia, our friend and preschool volunteer, for joining us!
- The children made matzah from scratch in the oven.
- We acted out parts of the Pesach story. 
- We made sock puppets inspired by the people in the Pesach story
- The children washed the babies in the sensory table. 
- The children did some dishwashing with sponges in the sensory table as we were thinking about cleaning in preparation for Passover
- We used with brooms, wet rags and dust pans to clear the Kita of chammetz .
- We made charoset!
- We played hiding games with the pretend afikomen 

-We had a chance to collect rain water in jars and add powder paint for art making. 

Chag Sameach!
Ofra, Ruth and Judy

Monday, April 18, 2016

Shlosha Shavuot - Nachshonim

Shlosha Shavuot - Nachshonim
April 17th, 2016 - 9th of Nisan, 5776 - ט׳ בְּנִיסָן תשע״ו

Highlights from our last three weeks:

*  Art  - We made a communal painting, used stamps and sharpened our own pencils

*  Sensory - We immersed ourselves in packing peanuts in cardboard boxes, played with soft blocks and shaving foam, oozed in ooblek,  played with kinetic sand, sawdust, pom poms

*  We’ve celebrated Ella’s birthday with fruit and cream parfait.  Delicious!! 

*  Cooking - We made Banana and Rice milk smoothies. We made Charoset with apples, raisins and cinnamon and boiled eggs.

*  We set our slugs free back to nature

*  We practiced our Fire Drill routine

In preparation for passover we did Chametz cleaning - finding “challa” in the room, we washed dishes and babies at the sensory table. We played with plastic frogs, pretended to be slaves and crossed an imaginary sea.

Some of the books we're reading:

Dira Le haskir
Bear snores on
Who’s in a family 
Daisy goes to preschool
Hands are not for hitting
We all go traveling by
I have four questions
Big brother little brother
One Special day
The egg
Big book of sea creatures
Passover books
We hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Looking forward to seeing you all next week healthy and happy

Anna, Simone and Vered

Monday, April 11, 2016

HaShavua'im - Nevonim

Hello, all,

Here are some highlights from the last 2 weeks:
Last week was brought to you by the letter P. We planted (corn, fennel, and kale seeds), began to learn about Pesach/Passover, played in packing peanuts, and went to the park.
This week:
- we were visited by a wild turkey (it strolled in the lot, flew onto Lauren's car, then onto a rooftop),
- put our babies into baskets on the Nile (blue fabric),
- looked at all kinds of Haggadot, and even
- took a journey from slavery to freedom (including walking on dry land between our blue carpet sea.
- We sampled Hard boiled eggs as well.
On Friday we did a lot of planting of herbs, and learned how to carefully remove a leaf to eat, but only when the plant is big and strong.
Shabbat Shalom umevorach,
Judy, Ruth and Ofra


Thursday, March 31, 2016

HaShavuah - Nevonim

Happy Shushan Purim! 
This entire week has had Purim as its focus. 
Here are some of the highlights:

Hats, hats, hats, out of newspaper, tissue paper, and scarves
Achashverosh, Esther, Vashti and Haman puppet shows
Painting our own faces 
Purim parade then singing with Melita as one big group 
Yes to Esther's courage--speaking up for doing the right thing

Palace-building out of fabrics and blocks
Utterly delicious dough and berry jam for baking
Rahsh-rahsh-rahshing with homemade ra'ashanim/groggers
Interesting costumes of all kinds
Making hamentaschen for Mishloach Manot to enjoy & deliver 

Other activities  included lunching with Nachshonim, playing with packing material, enjoying the mud kitchen, talking about Spring and nest-building, and discussing how to stay well and healthy. 

Shabbat Shalom!
Judy, Ruth, and Ofra

HaShavoayim - Nachshonim

HaShvoayim - Nachshonim
March 28th, 2016 - Adar II 18th, 5776 - י״ח בַּאֲדָר ב׳ תשע״ו

Highlights from our last two weeks:

*  Art - We made Playdough Katom (orange), Q-Tip art, Face painting art

*  We used our Raashanim while telling the story of Purim.  We made a lot of noise every time Haman’s name came up

*  We’ve been enjoying making rainbows (reflecting the sun off our CD’s)

*  We all came to school in our PJ’s and had a pretend sleep over party

*  We mad Oznei Haman (Haman Tachen) dough for our Mishloah Manot, We also made Gluten Free pancakes and had them for snack.

*  We had so much fun dressing up for Purim - Parade, Costumes, Melita

We are still caring for our snails, feeding them and cleaning their habitat

Some of the books we're reading:

Big Green Monster
Rainbow of my own
Some Smug Slug
Doodle Bites
Chicken and Cat
In the Night Kitchen

We’d like to thank Ofri’s mom for coming to help on Sunday.  You were so valuable.  Thank you!!!

We hope you all had a wonderful weekend

Anna, Simone and Vered

HaShavuah - Nevonim

Shalom Nevonim Families,

Klay Negina/ Musical instruments
-We have explored some of the ways people listen to music. We listened to CD's, tape castettes, and we even listened to vinyl records on a portable record player!
-We used a portable tape recorder that comes with a microphone to record ourselves singing or telling stories. 
-We became a marching band and paraded out in the play yard and through the building.
-Two weeks ago, we had a wonderful visit from Avner, Regev's Aba. He brought his saxophone in to show us how it works and how it sounds. Many of the children became inspired to make saxophones out of cardboard tubes by taping on craft sticks to become the "reeds" for the mouth piece. Just like the clarinet reed we saw a few weeks before, Avner had to moisten the reed in his mouth before he played. The children moistened their "reeds" in the sink and not their mouths because of germs. 
-We made gorgers for Purim!
-We know that the story of Purim so we had a look at our miniature Megilla that is made out of paper. Then we made giant Megillot out of cardboard 
- Singing Purim songs with Melita. 
-We have been sharing the Purim story through books and puppet shows and learning about the Megillah. 
-We also looked at several images of fancy ones and old ones at circle time. We noticed that it is similar to what Torah in how it looks, but it only rolls up on one side.
- The children made their our own masks and have been playing with the ones we have at school for dress up.  
- We practiced using our groggers when we hear Haman's name. 
- We talked a lot about mishloach manot for Purim and how people share gifts with each other. We talked about some of the things we can give, including hamentaschen. 

In the kitah
-Shaving cream on the tables.
- We had pajama day at school. The children played with blankets and pillows and we read all kinds of books about night and sleeping.
-Making our challah dough for pretend shabbat of course.
-We prepared broccoli with garlic in the oven for snack. 
In the Play yard
-We watched Doug finish up the new fence in the play yard! Both teachers and children are excited in our new outdoor classroom.
-We now have two 50ft long ropes and we made a web on our deck climbing and swinging. 
-Lots of activity in the mud kitchen!

We look forward to sharing more with you soon.
Purim Sameach!
Ofra, Ruth and Judy

Monday, March 14, 2016

HaShavuah - Nachshonim

Here are a few of the things we did the last couple of weeks:

Yossi's Ima (mom), Melissa, came on Monday morning to do yoga with us- we played at being rocks, lizards, cats and cows.
We played with shaving cream and added liquid paint to it.
We let our wooden zebras graze in a field of sticky foam.
We played with magnets, noticing how they sometimes pull towards and sometimes push apart from one another.
We went for a walk to the community garden, where we munched on Ofra's kale and collected snails for our Kitah. We put the snails in our little terrarium, and we enjoy caring for them: we watch them, hold them, feed them, clean their habitat and draw them.
We explored onions and potatoes that are growing roots and leaves. We also tried peeling a few layers off the onion and discovered that its made of many layers.
We had lots of fun puddle jumping and playing in the rain.
At circle time we talked about safety and the importance of sticking together with your grown-up (teacher, parent etc.).

We started talking about Purim- we read books and sang Purim songs with Rabbi Menachem, and we had a "Purim story finger-puppet show". We also made our own groggers, painting cardboard cones with tempera paint, after the paint dried we glued on decorations like feathers, mulch and colored paper, and finally we filled them and sealed them!

In the sensory table: we had yarn and scissors, and also shredded paper and liquid paint.
Books we enjoyed included Alef-Bet, Mitz Petel, Puppies puppies, Purim, It's Purim time, Doodle bites, Hands are Not for Hitting

We hope you are enjoying this rainy weekend and that you all remember the daylight savings change (YAY to longer afternoons!
See you Monday :)
Vered and Anna