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We are devoted to helping children learn socialization skills, building their self-confidence and teaching them the preliminary skills to explore and experience the world independently from their parents.
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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hashvua'im​/The last two weeks - Nachshonim

Hashvua'im/ The Two Weeks
September 24, 2014
29 Elul, 5774
Shalom Nachshonim Families,

The last couple of weeks have been lots of fun as we prepare for tonight's Rosh Hashannah.
We are happy to share with you the highlights of the last two weeks in the kitah/classroom
Rosh Hashannah
-We sliced and ate the three apples we observed. One red, one yellow and one green. We tasted them all and we made a chart on the wall to mark which ones are our favorites. -We made apple juice in a juicer both last week and this week.
-We made a new batch of yellow play dough, yellow just like the apple we observed. 
-We have been singing all the songs we know about apples. "Apple Pie", "Way Up High in the Apple Tree", and "Tapuchim U'dvash"/Apples and Honey.
-We had a honeycake gifted to us from the Nevonim children.
-We have been reading a lot about the shofar and today, we had a very special visit from Baruch. He is Ofra's friend and he makes shofarot! He brought in a skull the kudu animal with two large horns attached to it, one he had already turned into a shofar. Baruch talked about the kudu and he blew the shofar for us. 
-We tasted honey after lunch a couple of times these last two week.
We found a rainbow on the ceiling! The sun light was reflecting off of a CD on the windowsill and it bounced onto the ceiling. We now have a disc in the science area for the children to use and make rainbows on the ceiling and wall when the sun comes through. 
-We had an art project using liquid paints and applying the paint with droppers.  We let the paint soak into the coffee filters we were using and we can see how the primary colors we were using change when they mix
-We made a rainbow! We mixed liquid paints with the water in glass jars so we can see the colors through the glass. We then lined them up in order.
-We have many books about colors in our reading corner as we continue exploring the keshet /rainbow.
-We have been talking about safety with scissors. We talked about how to carry them safely by hiding the sharp part and how it is important to sit when cutting. 
-We have three firefighter hats in the kitah. 

-We have been singing "I've Been Working on the Railroad". We found that we have that song on one of Melita's music albums. It has been requested a lot the last couple of weeks. The children often play instruments as we sing.  
-We had visits from Melita.

-We hung more art on the walls.
-We have been reading poems from our gigantic book of nursery rhymes.

Enjoy the chag/holiday.
Shanah Tova!
Ofra and Vered

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