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We are devoted to helping children learn socialization skills, building their self-confidence and teaching them the preliminary skills to explore and experience the world independently from their parents.
In addition, we seek to ignite a spark in each child to lay claim to her or his Jewish heritage and commit him or her to a lifetime passion for learning.

Friday, February 7, 2014

HaShavuah - Nevonim

February 3-7, 2014
3-7 Shevat 5774
Shalom Kulam,

Emergent Curriculum
The experiences in the classroom this week centered on water and mail!

After talking last week about the drought in California and water conservation it was wonderful to get some rain this week!

We also followed up on last week's mailbox project with a field trip to the post office.  A big thank you to parents Laura Callan (Noa's Ima), Hilary Kilimnik (Alexander's Ima), and Jenny Kirsch (Menashe's Ima), for accompanying us on our field trip!

Our two main themes of the week flowed together as we set out for the post office in the drizzling rain.  That was the heart of our week, stepping "backstage" at the post office, mailing our letters, then heading back out into the rain which we had walked and played in earlier in the day.

Boat making continued as well with cardboard, paper, tape, corks and popsicle sticks and balsa wood.

We welcome donations of coffee cans (with lids) and yogurt containers (with lids) and any other materials you can think of that are suitable for 3D collage.

Jewish Curriculum Every Week

Last week we added a Halleluyah prayer (from Psalm 150) to our morning tefillah. In between halleluyah's the children shared what they are thankful to God for.  This week we sang Halleluyah and the children shared what gifts they can give to God (well, many children again shared what they are thankful for and a few shared what gifts they can give God).

Rabbi Menachem came to the kitah and talked with the children about what the kohanim/priests wore, as described in detail in this week's parsha, Parsha Tetzaveh.

Every week the children make an individual challah.  We also make two challot for Pretend Shabbat, in shapes inspired by the week's Torah portion. This week's shapes were: the turban and tunic/breastplate worn by the kohanim.

Shabbat Shalom,
Ruth, Shirlee, and William

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