Congregation Netivot Shalom Preschool seeks to create a stimulating and enriching educational environment for each and every child.
We are devoted to helping children learn socialization skills, building their self-confidence and teaching them the preliminary skills to explore and experience the world independently from their parents.
In addition, we seek to ignite a spark in each child to lay claim to her or his Jewish heritage and commit him or her to a lifetime passion for learning.

Friday, February 22, 2013

HaShavuah - February 22

February 22, 2012

Adar 12 5773
Dear Nevonim Parents,
Well, two short weeks of Purim fun was packed with activities and excitement. We told the Purim story, in many forms, with actors, with puppets, and with performances of all kinds. We sang and danced to "Leyztan Katan" (small clown) and we made our own clowns to play with. Many of us made maseychot (masks) and rashanim (nolsemakers) and keterim (crowns) which we decorated with glitter. We baked many hamantashen, making the dough and shaping the triangular cookies ourselves. We made shalach manot baskets and had great fun delivering them today. With Melita, and on our own, we sang "Shalosh Pinot" (3 corners has my hat) and we eventually were able to omit all the words! We had a great time reading our new books including "The Purim Superhero." Our celebration culminated in our parade today. Thanks to all our participants.
Rabbi Menachem came to teach us about this week's parashah which describes the mishkan. It inspired us to decorate our own mishkan shalom in the classroom. We also really enjoyed the opportunity to learn about Chinese New Year's with Rikki and her mother. We learned how to say Happy New Year, and some other phrases in Chinese. We talked about what was similar to Rosh HaShanah and what was different. We also got to see how words are written in Chinese and we had the treat of Chinese foods for snack. Thank you Pam!
Chag Purim Sameach,
Nevonim Teachers
Caitlin, Ruth and Shirlee

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