Congregation Netivot Shalom Preschool seeks to create a stimulating and enriching educational environment for each and every child.
We are devoted to helping children learn socialization skills, building their self-confidence and teaching them the preliminary skills to explore and experience the world independently from their parents.
In addition, we seek to ignite a spark in each child to lay claim to her or his Jewish heritage and commit him or her to a lifetime passion for learning.

Friday, November 4, 2011

HaShavuah - Nevonim

November 4, 2011
7 Chesvan 5772

What a busy week we have had in Nevonim! We continued with our themes
inspired by the children including building, baking and gardening. Over
a few days we soaked white beans, measured them before and after, then
planted them in individual pots - we leraned this from reading "Harvey
the Gardener". We sang "Inch by Inch" as we wait for the seeds to grow
- the rain probably has helped alot! We baked our own individual apple
pies one day (regular and gluten free!), ate them the next day with
cream that we whipped ourselves. This was also inspired by a book
"Apple Pie for Dinner." After singing with Melita on Tuesday, we went
on a field trip that included two construction sites and then our own
sand castle building at a new park on Acton Street. We have been
reading lots of construction books alsp. We built an airplane out of
wood using real nails, hammers and safety glasses. We finally "sewed"
together our paper quilt by gluing it together - it looks fabulous as
does all the children's artwork which is adorning our walls. We started
the very labor intensive project of making our own very popular fishing
rods. In keeping with the baking excitement, we added chocolate chips
to our challot. Over several days we very enthusiastically sorted
buttons and learned the Hebew words for heart (lev), star (cochav) and
flower (perach) as well as camel (gamal) from the Bible story of Rebecca
at the well.

We have in our class children with a voracious appetite for stories from
the Tanach which we continue to tell everyday at lunch! Yasheer Coach!

Finally, we have brought back two classroom friends that go home on a
regular rotation: Shabbatasauras and Wild Thing. Both bags contain
journals for you and your child to record the Shabbat or wild things
that take place at your home over the weekend. Both friends will go
home on Fridays and should be returned Monday if possible, so that they
can go out again on Friday. We read what you wrote at circle each week
so that all the children get a chance to share some of their home fun as

Todah Rabah,

Nevonim Teachers: Caitlin, Ruth and Shirley

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