Congregation Netivot Shalom Preschool seeks to create a stimulating and enriching educational environment for each and every child.
We are devoted to helping children learn socialization skills, building their self-confidence and teaching them the preliminary skills to explore and experience the world independently from their parents.
In addition, we seek to ignite a spark in each child to lay claim to her or his Jewish heritage and commit him or her to a lifetime passion for learning.

Friday, March 5, 2021

HaShavuah March 5, 2021

HaShavuah HaShavuah March 5, 2021 Adar 21, 5781 Ze'evim זאבים Wow this year is flying by! How is it already March?! We began this week with a beautiful Havdalah with Judy and then a visit to the park. We joined together Wednesday to have music with Lior and then we did a sand gluing project. Our visiting nurses, Alisha and Lindsay, came to lead circle, teaching us about germs and staying safe. On Thursday we all went to Strawberry Creek Park and had TONS of fun splashing around in the creek. Anna’s group this week did an awesome construction project, using real hammers and different types of nails, a sorting project with trash, compost, and recycling, and a “brick and mortar” building project with foam blocks and shaving cream. Elizabeth’s group this week continued to explore their love for buildings and interest in different modes of transportation. They did a foam block building project, learned about garbage and recycling trucks, and a machine manipulative project. The twos with Sonja continued their interest in cooking by making play dough muffins. They also did a castle building project with cardboard boxes and pallets. They enjoyed reading stories, especially about animals, and doing pretend play with the plastic animals. The afternoon crew this week did a ton of awesome beading projects, made play dough, worked together to clean the yard (which just ended up as a fun soap and water play time), and planted more flowers in our vertical garden. We ended the week with our favorite Friday activities DANCE PARTY and challah making. This week we are giving tzedakah to: cows who don’t eat grass, dragons without caves, puzzles, unicorns, tigers, lions, and people without homes. Hoping the good weather and times continue next week. Dagim דָגִים This week just flew by! We have had a lot of emergent interest in animals and music! We repurposed some recycled materials into drums at circle time to practice our rhythm. We each came up with a pattern and took turns teaching one another our pattern. After the rhythm circle, we painted our drum sets! We did another experiment with baking soda and vinegar. This time, we mixed one primary color into the vinegar, ànd one primary color into the baking soda. The kids were so surprised when they poured in the vinegar and it began reacting and changing color. We also made oobleck! We mixed a batch of cornstarch and water as well as watercolors to create beautiful smooth colorful oobleck. We were all so engaged pouring and mixing our oobleck with a spoon. We also practiced our scissor skills this week, using both tissue paper and construction paper as well as trying out both left and right handed scissors to see what felt most comfortable. We ended the week with Navah's Birthday celebration! She brought snacks and we sang her Happy Birthday in Hebrew and English. Nes's Abah came to sing Shabbat songs on Friday, and we all loved it!

Friday, February 26, 2021

HaShavuah February 26, 2021

HaShavuah February 26, 2021 Adar 14, 5781 Ze'evim זאבים WOW! What an amazing PURIM EXTRAVAGANZA! On Monday Judy came to visit and we did Havdalah and learned about the Purim story. We began a week long hamentashen project, starting with making some delicious homemade lemon jelly. In the afternoon we decorated mishloach manot baskets, and made decorations for the classroom. On Tuesday we made groggers and continued decorating our boxes. We went to the park to look for treasures, and ended up having TONS of fun in the creek. In the afternoon we did a beading project and used our creations to fill our mishloach manot. Wednesday, Lior came and had a rocking song session. We all worked together to make the dough for our hamentashen. We also made some beautiful glitter play dough. Thursday we made our hamentashen, and then continued to practice with our play dough. Judy came again and read stories with the twos! We had a puppet show version of the Purim play and did some fun face paint! In the afternoon we painted a Purim banner (and ourselves!). On Friday Purim day was upon us! We danced, we played, we enjoyed each others' costumes! We went on a Purim parade walk around the neighborhood to show off our costumes to friends and neighbors, brining joy to all who saw us. We ended the day with Ma'agal Shabbat and our mishloach manot gift exchange. This week we want to give tzedakah to: unicorns, cat boys, people without homes and without food. Dagim דָגִים The Dagim group had loads of fun this week getting ready for, and then celebrating Purim! We began our week revisiting all of our books and audio stories of the story of Purim. Also, teacher Caitlin told the story each day at lunch. In our versions, we like to emphasize the importance of standing up for yourself, speaking your truth and being kind and brave. We made many versions of groggers! We also took out different instruments from around the world and compared them to groggers. We made groggers from plates, bowls, and cups filled with lentils and beans. Our favorite turned out to be the ones we made with lentils and cups! We had so much fun with them. We also did more experiments with baking soda and vinegar. The children were delighted when the reaction took place. Judy came and shared Purim songs and Purim stories with us! After she left on Thursday, we made our own Megillah, inspired by the scolls she had brought. Friday was a big day with Purim celebrations in the morning. We did face paint, put jewels on our faces, and sang Purim songs. We sang songs with Nes's Abah and then we paraded around our yard in our costumes. We followed all that with a short Ma'agal Shabbat, with real Challah and grape juice. Happy Purim!

Friday, February 19, 2021

HaShavuah February 19, 2021

HaShavuah February 19, 2021 Adar 7, 5781 Ze'evim זאבים Ze’evim had a great week getting into the Purim spirit! Anna’s group this week made masks, decorations for the classroom, finger puppets, and played “who am I?” guessing games. Elizabeth’s group this week started off doing shape sorting, classroom decorations, groggers, and a hamentashen collage. Sonja's group made play dough, read Purim stories, made classroom decorations, and did a hamentashen coloring and folding project. All together, on Tuesday we went to the park and collected natural materials to fill our groggers and mishloach manot . Judy came and told us the Purim story. On Wednesday Lior came and did music. On Thursday Judy came again and we learned about different Purim traditions. On Friday we made challah and decorated our challah bags, and did some AMAZING face paint. Everybody also started decorating Purim face masks and we talked about what Covid and Purim have in common - masks that protect us and masks that make us look different! This week we are giving tzedakah to: Lions, Unicorns, Unicorns without Lions, Spiders, and People without homes. We had such an action packed week even though it was short - we can’t wait to see what Purim fun we get into next week! Dagim דָגִים We had a great week together in Dagim. Once again, the emergent interest this week was oceans! It all began when our new fishing toys arrived. We have been having a blast learning more scientific terms for our animal friends in the ocean. We talked about dorsal fins, flippers, gills and blow holes. We discussed the different types of sharks and whales! We spent a lot of the week discussing Purim. We have been making groggers with paper plates and beans. We have made other safe.

Friday, February 5, 2021

HaShavuah February 5, 2021

HaShavuah February 5, 2021 Shevat 23, 5781 Ze'evim זאבים Ze’evim had such a great time this week! We shifted gears from Tu Bishvat to beginning talking about Purim themes, such as guessing games with different characters, and Animal Yoga. We went on walks to the park twice this week! First on Monday we enjoyed the break in the rain and went to Strawberry Creek Park. On Wednesday Elizabeth and Sonja took a small group to the Berkeley Way Mini Park across the street. On Thursday Judy joined us again and talked about the 10 commandments. We ended the week with a big dance party, challah making, and Ma'agal Shabbat. Anna’s group began the week doing natural material painting, constructing marble and car runs, and building. Judy came to do Havdalah. Later in the week they did stamps and leaf rubbing. They ended the week with more car runs and straw-connector manipulative building. Elizabeth’s group began the week with a folding paper paint project, stamp art, and shell tracing. They continued on their themes of building by making a car run and doing a straw connecting project. The Twos with Sonja this week focused on sensory activities, with play dough, water play, and loose part exploration. Cooking and imaginative house play became a big emergent theme. Magnet tile and castle building also developed as the week went on. In the social emotional world, this week we worked on navigating collaborative play/building, and understanding theory of mind: that others have different thoughts/opinions than we do, and that is ok (tough stuff!). This week we are giving tzedakah to: lions, lions without babies, dragons, unicorns, people without homes, and people without refrigerators. See you all next week! Dagim דָגִים Another big week with the Dagim class! We started our week with a few projects that we have been repeating over and over, honing and mastering our skills. ​​​​​​​ Beading has become a staple activity of our classroom. From bracelets to pet toys to decorations, the Dagim kids love stringing beads onto pipe cleaners. A few children have been creating patterns! This activity is fabulous for developing our fine motor skills. Magnet tiles and wooden blocks are a consistent part of our curriculum currently. We love building with Khaled. He is constantly scaffolding for the children so they are ever inspired to elaborate on their creations. We have been playing a lot of soccer, also known as monster soccer. Quite a few of them have been dribbling, passing, kicking and shooting "goals!" We fall and get scrapes, but we are having too much fun to care. We made ourselves a beautiful sunrise inspired mural! We mixed up a few different colors of powder paint, and the next day added glue, pom poms and googly eyes. In the middle of the week we had some emergent interests in space come up. At circle time we demonstrated how the Earth orbits the Sun, the next day we did the same activity with the Earth and the Moon. Some children stood in the middle of the sandbox holding onto each other, and some children circled around holding onto their teacher! Judy came twice this week! She did Havdalah with us Monday, and then Thursday we learned about the 10 Commandments! And on Friday we did pretend Shabbat with real challah and grape juice. After we lit the candles, drank and ate, Nes' Abbah came to sing and dance with us. We love music time so much!! Thank you Mark!

Friday, January 29, 2021

HaShavuah January 29, 2021

HaShavuah January 29, 2021 Shevat 16, 5781 Ze'evim זאבים This week in Ze’vim class our Tu B'Shevat celebrations were in full bloom. We spent most of the week together in the morning, which was wonderful! Anna’s group began the week doing stamp art, leaf art for our class tree, and continuing to focus on building both with manipulatives and community. On Wednesday all the groups came together to build a tree. They ended the week doing pom pom art and tree decorations. Elizabeth’s group started off the week with branch art, stamps, leaf art, and making decorations for the classroom and class tree. The twos with Sonja began this week with a sensory project with play dough that turned into tree-making, a seasonal leaf art project, and a collaborative paint and beading project. Together all the groups went to the park on Monday to collect branches/natural materials. On Tuesday we made baked apples and enjoyed them in the afternoon. We all celebrated Tu B'Shevat with a Seder led by Judy, and we baked apple raisin muffins. The afternoon crew focused on leaf art, fairy clay, sculpture, and beading. Something our class worked on this week is taking a break when we start to feel angry or overwhelmed. We worked on using language like “I need a break” and then returning to the situation once we are feeling “better”. This week we are giving our tzedakah to: cheetahs that have been hit by cars, lions, unicorns, flying unicorns, people without homes, dinosaurs, and dragons. Dagim דָגִים This week we had a wonderful time celebrating Tu B'Shevat. Early in the week we made a lot of art inspired by trees. We looked at the trees and then used oil pastels and different colors of construction paper. We also took a branch that had fallen during the storm and decorated it with pipe cleaners of all sorts of colors and glittery silvery watercolor paint. On Thursday Judy came and let us in a Seder. It was so amazing to hear about all the different types of fruit and how they grow on trees. We got to taste pomegranate juice, dates, olives, figs, crackers, and raisins. We also continued on our beading fun. The children have been so inspired about making bracelets and cat toys with beads and pipe cleaners. They made several round glass bead bracelets and when we used them all up, we decided to move onto wooden beads to make more beautiful jewelry. We decided to switch out all our toys this week as well! We collected a ton of new manipulatives, puzzles, dramatic play toys, and many other fun things from our upstairs supply room. The children were so delighted with all of the changes in the classroom this week, including of course, welcoming Kiren's new baby sister! Every day we heard tales about having a new baby and discussed what being a baby means and who in the class has siblings. A lot of things are changing for the Dagim children. Now that we are so familiar with the routines of school, we have begun embarking on the challenge of learning to take care of ourselves independently. Putting our own artwork in our cubbies, grabbing our jackets, lining up our shoes by the door, and packing up our lunches are all great ways for us to feel confident and independent with our self-care.

Friday, January 22, 2021

HaShavuah January 22, 2021

HaShavuah January 22, 2021 Shevat 9, 5781 Ze'evim זאבים Although this week was short there was no shortage of fun and smiles! Anna’s group continued with the themes of Tu B'Shevat: growth, planting, and trees. They began the week planting lentils, and went for a nature-collecting walk where they found all types of branches, flowers, and other natural materials. A big highlight was seeing a woodchipper truck, and discussing what happens to trees once they are cut down. Later in the week they did nature-inspired art in their journals and Judy joined the two older groups and led them in some Tu B'Shevat songs and movement. In Elizabeth’s group the emergent theme of building continued with machine making and city building projects. They tackled the themes of Tu B'Shevat with a tree and leaf collage, going on a nature walk, and collecting natural material. In Sonja’s group the twos began the week reading books about trees and planting, green finger painting and color mixing. They enjoyed magnet tile building, making birthday cakes, castles, and houses. Later in the week they did a moon sand sensory project with different types of trees, leaves, and green animals. We had some fun big group project and activities all together this week! On Tuesday we made stone soup and all the kids helped to cut up the veggies and different ingredients. The emergent theme of cities and building continued both inside and outside. The afternoon crew had fun with moon sand, chalk drawing, and beading. As a group we have been working on personal responsibility and (community). We have been practicing cleaning up after ourselves and packing up our own lunches. We gave tzedakah to: unicorns, lions, cheetahs without parents, people without homes, and cows. See you all next week when our Tu B'Shevat fun continues!! Dagim דָגִים This week we finally reunited as a group with everyone healthy! We started the week with singing songs about Tu B'Shevat and talking about trees and all their parts. We danced and did dramatic movement games about trees. We found many of the children are interested in caring for babies. We discussed which children have baby siblings, and we talked about what babies need to feel safe and happy. We decided to make baby blankets with fabric crayons and scrap fabrics. We noticed our kitty friend has been coming to visit us more often! She comes two to four times a day now! We love watching her leap around the yard and play. The kids discovered that she loves chasing leaves. They spent hours collecting special leaves for her. Judy taught us many Tu B'Shevat songs as well as reading us a few stories about the holiday. We love learning about Judaism with Judy!! On Friday we celebrated pretend Shabbat with Nes's Abah. He sang songs with us about Shabbat and Tu B'Shevat! We loved growing into trees and jumping up and down saying "Hey" for Shabbat Shalom. We also ate warm challah and drank delicious grape juice. And, as always, the week was filled with freeze dance, tons of story times and sing a-longs.

Friday, January 15, 2021

HaShavuah January 15, 2021

HaShavuah Jauary 15, 2021 Shevat 2, 5781 Ze'evim זאבים This week Anna and Elizabeth’s morning groups combined for the first part of the week. They explored the concepts of green, growth, and color through different art and science projects. They did a sprouting lentil and bean soaking experiment. Later in the week they planted wheat grass, and did a plan-inspired drawing activity. They ended the week with planting the soaked beans and putting them in the window. What will happen next?? Only time will tell. Later in the week Elizabeth’s group split off and did some ephemeral art on the light table. Sonja's group started off the week with all things green! They did color mixing, finger painting, and green oobleck. Later in the week they did a loose parts collage and had an even better time experimenting with painting their hands with glue. They ended the week with a super fun and messy shaving cream color mixing activity. This week the afternoon crew continued our interest in animals, building, and 3D creation. We did an ooblek and frog sensory project, loose part sculpture, fairy clay habitat building, and ended out our week with a relaxing beading project. We continued working on asking “Will you help me please?” “Do you want to play?” “Can I use that after you?” instead of demanding or using our bodies. Practicing the switch from "demanding" something to"asking" for something is a great thing to reinforce at home. This week we are giving our tzedakah to chickens, cows, lions, unicorns, and Pokémon. Dagim דָגִים The Dagim class welcomed a new student this week, Isaac! We had so much fun showing Isaac our classroom, routine, projects, and toys! Many times this year a neighbor kitty has visited us but has always stayed aloof, meowing from the fence and hopping on the roof of our Cottage. This week the kitty jumped down and played with the leaves in our yard, running around and delighting everyone. We were so excited about the kitty, we told so many stories about kitties and made artwork inspired by kitties. We also talked a lot about tigers. A small group of students ripped up the construction paper colors we needed to make our own tiger. Then later we dipped the orange and black strips into glue and pasted them to a cutout of a tiger. We had a visit from Judy! It was so great to see her again. The children had missed her a lot! We sang the blessings for many different foods and played a matching game where Judy held up different types of toy foods and we called out the type of blessing for that type of food! We also painted our own pet rocks. We mixed two different types of tempera paint and then used glue to attach pom poms to be the eyeballs! And of course as always, our week was filled with freeze dance, silly dances, Simon Says, and lots of songs and reading time together.