Congregation Netivot Shalom Preschool seeks to create a stimulating and enriching educational environment for each and every child.
We are devoted to helping children learn socialization skills, building their self-confidence and teaching them the preliminary skills to explore and experience the world independently from their parents.
In addition, we seek to ignite a spark in each child to lay claim to her or his Jewish heritage and commit him or her to a lifetime passion for learning.

Monday, May 2, 2016

HaShavouah - Nachshonim

HaShavouah - Nachshonim
Fri, 22 April 2016 = 14th of Nisan, 5776
Highlights from our week:

*  Lots of Magna tile 3D creations on our light table

*  Tasting Parsley with Salt water

*  Chametz cleaning and looking using flashlights, dustpan and brush

*  What’s Missing - our memory game using passover icons

*  We made pretend Matza with playdaugh 

*  We made art mixing glue with sand 

* At the sensory table we played with colorful water beads

* We enjoyed singing with Menachem and singing and dancing with Melita and on pretend shabbat with our friends and family

Some of the books we're reading:

First Book of Sea Creatures
This is Passover
Ma Nishtana
I Have Four Questions

Shabbat Shalom and Happy Passover

We hope you have a wonderful week with your children and families.
חג חירות שמח

Anna, Simone and Vered

HaShavuah - Nevonim

Shalom Nevonim Families!
I hope everyone has been enjoying the Pesach break! We would like to fill you in on the two weeks that led up to Pesach.

Pesach activities:
- Inspired by the journey through the desert, we learned how to make sand play dough for sculpting.
- We talked a lot about water in the story of Passover, and talked about sweet and salty water.
-We added salt to our temper paints as an experiment. It makes the paint watery and have a bumpy texture when dry. 
- We sang every Peach song we know!
- We took a field trip to the community garden to collect Chazerret and Carpas (lettuce and parsley) for our seder plates. Thanks to Kazia, our friend and preschool volunteer, for joining us!
- The children made matzah from scratch in the oven.
- We acted out parts of the Pesach story. 
- We made sock puppets inspired by the people in the Pesach story
- The children washed the babies in the sensory table. 
- The children did some dishwashing with sponges in the sensory table as we were thinking about cleaning in preparation for Passover
- We used with brooms, wet rags and dust pans to clear the Kita of chammetz .
- We made charoset!
- We played hiding games with the pretend afikomen 

-We had a chance to collect rain water in jars and add powder paint for art making. 

Chag Sameach!
Ofra, Ruth and Judy

Monday, April 18, 2016

Shlosha Shavuot - Nachshonim

Shlosha Shavuot - Nachshonim
April 17th, 2016 - 9th of Nisan, 5776 - ט׳ בְּנִיסָן תשע״ו

Highlights from our last three weeks:

*  Art  - We made a communal painting, used stamps and sharpened our own pencils

*  Sensory - We immersed ourselves in packing peanuts in cardboard boxes, played with soft blocks and shaving foam, oozed in ooblek,  played with kinetic sand, sawdust, pom poms

*  We’ve celebrated Ella’s birthday with fruit and cream parfait.  Delicious!! 

*  Cooking - We made Banana and Rice milk smoothies. We made Charoset with apples, raisins and cinnamon and boiled eggs.

*  We set our slugs free back to nature

*  We practiced our Fire Drill routine

In preparation for passover we did Chametz cleaning - finding “challa” in the room, we washed dishes and babies at the sensory table. We played with plastic frogs, pretended to be slaves and crossed an imaginary sea.

Some of the books we're reading:

Dira Le haskir
Bear snores on
Who’s in a family 
Daisy goes to preschool
Hands are not for hitting
We all go traveling by
I have four questions
Big brother little brother
One Special day
The egg
Big book of sea creatures
Passover books
We hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Looking forward to seeing you all next week healthy and happy

Anna, Simone and Vered

Monday, April 11, 2016

HaShavua'im - Nevonim

Hello, all,

Here are some highlights from the last 2 weeks:
Last week was brought to you by the letter P. We planted (corn, fennel, and kale seeds), began to learn about Pesach/Passover, played in packing peanuts, and went to the park.
This week:
- we were visited by a wild turkey (it strolled in the lot, flew onto Lauren's car, then onto a rooftop),
- put our babies into baskets on the Nile (blue fabric),
- looked at all kinds of Haggadot, and even
- took a journey from slavery to freedom (including walking on dry land between our blue carpet sea.
- We sampled Hard boiled eggs as well.
On Friday we did a lot of planting of herbs, and learned how to carefully remove a leaf to eat, but only when the plant is big and strong.
Shabbat Shalom umevorach,
Judy, Ruth and Ofra


Thursday, March 31, 2016

HaShavuah - Nevonim

Happy Shushan Purim! 
This entire week has had Purim as its focus. 
Here are some of the highlights:

Hats, hats, hats, out of newspaper, tissue paper, and scarves
Achashverosh, Esther, Vashti and Haman puppet shows
Painting our own faces 
Purim parade then singing with Melita as one big group 
Yes to Esther's courage--speaking up for doing the right thing

Palace-building out of fabrics and blocks
Utterly delicious dough and berry jam for baking
Rahsh-rahsh-rahshing with homemade ra'ashanim/groggers
Interesting costumes of all kinds
Making hamentaschen for Mishloach Manot to enjoy & deliver 

Other activities  included lunching with Nachshonim, playing with packing material, enjoying the mud kitchen, talking about Spring and nest-building, and discussing how to stay well and healthy. 

Shabbat Shalom!
Judy, Ruth, and Ofra

HaShavoayim - Nachshonim

HaShvoayim - Nachshonim
March 28th, 2016 - Adar II 18th, 5776 - י״ח בַּאֲדָר ב׳ תשע״ו

Highlights from our last two weeks:

*  Art - We made Playdough Katom (orange), Q-Tip art, Face painting art

*  We used our Raashanim while telling the story of Purim.  We made a lot of noise every time Haman’s name came up

*  We’ve been enjoying making rainbows (reflecting the sun off our CD’s)

*  We all came to school in our PJ’s and had a pretend sleep over party

*  We mad Oznei Haman (Haman Tachen) dough for our Mishloah Manot, We also made Gluten Free pancakes and had them for snack.

*  We had so much fun dressing up for Purim - Parade, Costumes, Melita

We are still caring for our snails, feeding them and cleaning their habitat

Some of the books we're reading:

Big Green Monster
Rainbow of my own
Some Smug Slug
Doodle Bites
Chicken and Cat
In the Night Kitchen

We’d like to thank Ofri’s mom for coming to help on Sunday.  You were so valuable.  Thank you!!!

We hope you all had a wonderful weekend

Anna, Simone and Vered

HaShavuah - Nevonim

Shalom Nevonim Families,

Klay Negina/ Musical instruments
-We have explored some of the ways people listen to music. We listened to CD's, tape castettes, and we even listened to vinyl records on a portable record player!
-We used a portable tape recorder that comes with a microphone to record ourselves singing or telling stories. 
-We became a marching band and paraded out in the play yard and through the building.
-Two weeks ago, we had a wonderful visit from Avner, Regev's Aba. He brought his saxophone in to show us how it works and how it sounds. Many of the children became inspired to make saxophones out of cardboard tubes by taping on craft sticks to become the "reeds" for the mouth piece. Just like the clarinet reed we saw a few weeks before, Avner had to moisten the reed in his mouth before he played. The children moistened their "reeds" in the sink and not their mouths because of germs. 
-We made gorgers for Purim!
-We know that the story of Purim so we had a look at our miniature Megilla that is made out of paper. Then we made giant Megillot out of cardboard 
- Singing Purim songs with Melita. 
-We have been sharing the Purim story through books and puppet shows and learning about the Megillah. 
-We also looked at several images of fancy ones and old ones at circle time. We noticed that it is similar to what Torah in how it looks, but it only rolls up on one side.
- The children made their our own masks and have been playing with the ones we have at school for dress up.  
- We practiced using our groggers when we hear Haman's name. 
- We talked a lot about mishloach manot for Purim and how people share gifts with each other. We talked about some of the things we can give, including hamentaschen. 

In the kitah
-Shaving cream on the tables.
- We had pajama day at school. The children played with blankets and pillows and we read all kinds of books about night and sleeping.
-Making our challah dough for pretend shabbat of course.
-We prepared broccoli with garlic in the oven for snack. 
In the Play yard
-We watched Doug finish up the new fence in the play yard! Both teachers and children are excited in our new outdoor classroom.
-We now have two 50ft long ropes and we made a web on our deck climbing and swinging. 
-Lots of activity in the mud kitchen!

We look forward to sharing more with you soon.
Purim Sameach!
Ofra, Ruth and Judy