Congregation Netivot Shalom Preschool seeks to create a stimulating and enriching educational environment for each and every child.
We are devoted to helping children learn socialization skills, building their self-confidence and teaching them the preliminary skills to explore and experience the world independently from their parents.
In addition, we seek to ignite a spark in each child to lay claim to her or his Jewish heritage and commit him or her to a lifetime passion for learning.

Friday, September 14, 2018

HaShavuah, September 14, 2108 5 Tishrei 5779

HaShavuah, September 14, 2108 5 Tishrei 5779 In keeping with our theme of Hachnasat Orchim, we welcomed a few new and old guests to the kitah. On Wednesday, Rabbi Chai came to both kitot to sing Rosh HaShanah songs with us- we also talked about Yom Kippur and the times we say sorry to people - the Nevonim children came up with many good examples. After learning with the Rabbi, the Nevonim class went on our first fieldtrip to Strawberry Creek Park to throw our "mistakes" and "sorries" into the running water as we practiced the custom of Tashlikh. Then we played at the park. Thank you to Teo's father Brett for joining us. On Wednesday we welcomed a new friend/teacher who is in high school named Jesse Gerwein who will join us sometimes in the late afternoons on Wednesday. On Thursday, we welcomed Melita who sang with us and taught us a new Yom Kippur song and sang one of our favorites about the Shofar - "I Love to hear the Shofar Blast, Sometimes Slow and Sometimes Fast.". The Nevonim class also read a PJ Library book "The Vanishing Gourds" in which a hungry squirrel comes to visit a family's sukkah. From the book we made a "Hachnasat Orchim" mobile and added some ideas of our own. We also welcomed into our community a new arrival, Eitan's brother, Doron, who was born on Monday. Children made some cards of welcome for him and others in their families. On Friday, we started the tradition of reading Hebrew books at circle - today it was "Zeh Lo Argaz" - It's Not a Box - because so many children have been playing with our own giant cardboard boxes, making fire engines, houses and rocket ships. We also looked at the blueprint drawings for something that we will build in the classroom - it will start as a sukkah and then we will make it into a tree house, an alligator house, and a fire house- these were some of the children's very creative ideas! We made our challot, including a round one for the new year. In Nachshonim, we did q-tip painting with primary colors and some color mixing exploration. We also did a lot of big painting on the easel and continued mixing colors. The Nevonim kitah welcomed us as guests on Thursday with Melita and for lunch.

Friday, September 7, 2018

September 7, 2018 27 Elul 5778 What a great first week we have had! Our theme of Hachnasat Orchim (Welcoming Guests) continued all week as we welcomed new children, new teachers, new families and even a new pet, a hamster named Otzar (Treasure in Hebrew). This week we welcomed Vinnie to the Nevonim class, along with his helper Soheyla who will be in the classroom everyday until 12:00. This week we began our celebration of Rosh HaShanah. We talked about apples and honey for a sweet new year. We sang lots of songs about apples and honey. We made individual honey cakes (oogat d'vash) with Judy. We heard the shofar. We learned a shofar song with Rabbi Chai. We sang Rosh HaShanah songs with Melita. We enjoyed our new outdoor "ninja" line as we explored large motor skills. Finally, we had our first Ma'agal Shabbat of the school year - we met Rabbi Chai and her puppets Miriam and Moshe. Lev and his family were the Shabbat Mishpachah. In Nachshonim, we got to know each other and our new friends, Lev, Aryeh, Barack, Rafi, Yael and Maor. We explored floating and sinking in the water table with a glass full of air and a glass full of sand. We are learning and practicing school routines and ways. We welcomed Otzar the hamster. We looked at him sleeping. We experimented with setting up his water bottle and food bowl. We took him out of his cage and gently petted him. We tasted apples and honey. We tried the new zip line. We sifted and played together in the sand box. We played with playdough. We sharpened pencils.

Friday, August 17, 2018

HaShavuah - Summer Fun Week 8

We had a lovely week to end our summer fun. We challenged ourselves with ropes on the structure. We made environments for animals with sawdust. We worked really hard moving mounds of wood chips into big piles, and jumped in them to spread them while singing "how much wood can a woodchuck chuck!" We also sifted sand, so it will be nice and ready for us to play with in the fall. We played, "the floor is lava" to practice our large motor skills. In the sensory table we used building materials to create great inventions. On Thursday we took a small field trip next door to Target to buy stickers for our Friday Shabbat challah bags. We sang with Melita and did Havadalah with Malkah. We read the "Funny Lion" in Hebrew many times! On Friday we celebrated Raina's 3rd Birthday with delicious fruit and popsicles. We made challah dough and challah. We had our Ma'agal Shabbat without Rabbi Chai. Instead of Miriam and Moshe puppets coming to visit, we had a visit from Leah. Anna taught us about this week's Torah portion, Shoftim, how we set up judges to help people stay safe and get along.

Friday, August 10, 2018

HaShavuah - Summer Fun - Week 7

This was a wonderful week of summer fun. Anna was back which was a great reunion for her and the children - Noga also came to visit a few times. On Monday we had Havdalah with Malka and on Tuesday we sang with Melita. The big theme all week was firefighters - we wore uniforms, hats and made fire trucks out of giant boxes. We also made small firetrucks with glitter, because even firetrucks need some sparkle! On Wednesday we took a field trip to Strawberry Creek Park. We enjoyed delicious smoothie popsicles that we made last week. We also made ephemeral art with glass beads and squares and we made collage art. We had a pom pom festival and walked around offering pom pom cotton candy. Rabbi Chai and her puppets taught us about this week's Torah portion at Ma'agal Shabbat, how like Moshe we all have choices that we can make...choices about how we treat each other.

Friday, August 3, 2018

HaShavuah - Summer Fun Week 6

August 3, 2018 15 Av 5778 Malka came to lead us in Havdalah. We did book inspired art work - one based on the Very Busy Spider and one based on It Looked Like Spilt Milk. The art is displayed in the classroom and hallway. We went to Strawberry Creek Park. We enjoyed playing with children from other summer camps and we enjoyed the help of Vered's sons Nico and Seba. We made delicious berry smoothies and froze some for popsicles. We dressed up as firefighters in full gear and walked around the building looking for fire extinguishers. We made challah. We learned about Parashat Eikev and the Birkat HaMazon blessing after meals with Rabbi Chai. It was a good week!

Friday, July 13, 2018

HaShavuah - Summer Fun - Week 3

July 13, 2018 25 Tammuz 5778 What another lovely week we had at Summer Fun. A reminder that I will be away for two weeks and if you have any scheduling issues or changes, please let Angelina know. This week we made oobleck and fairy goo and mixed them together as a science experiment. We also made clay sculptures. We made collages with diverse materials. We made lemonade which we later used to make popsicles with berries to celebrate Shaya's 4th birthday. Outside we experimented with pulleys, ropes and buckets to pull up water and other materials to the deck. The afternoon children helped open the packaging for a new toy barn, which we decided is not a barn for children or toy animals, but a barn where toys live. The packing material scattered all over the yard and the children were helpers, practicing "Shomrei Adamah" to collect the materials (even using the pulley they invented). On Friday Rabbi Chai led another great Ma'agal Shabbat, using her puppets Moshe and Miriam to teach about the Israelites taking 40 years to reach Israel. We counted our toes and fingers with a buddy to equal 40. She also taught us the word Chumash for the five Books of the Torah from the word Chamesh (Hebrew for Five). We were joined by Emah April, Emah Leora and Emah Brenna and Teo's Savta who was visiting from Jerusalem.

Friday, July 6, 2018

HaShavuah - Summer Fun Week 2

We started the week by having Malkah join us to lead Havdalah. We added to our fairy garden by hanging streamers and planting fairy flowers (pink Echinacea). We built our own individual fairy houses out of boxes and flowers.We made fairy sand with soap, shells, and glitter. We explored many kinds of art projects including spray bottles of paint on a giant box from the garden shed that some children helped Ruth and Colin put together. We played with balance beams to make obstacle courses inside the kitah. We made fairy sand with soap, shells, and glitter. On Thursday we made challah dough and Melita came to sing favorite animal and transportation songs with us. On Friday we baked our challot and had our very first Ma'agal Shabbat with Rabbi Chai. She brought with her a guitar, her beautiful voice, lots of ruach, and two new puppet friends, Moshe and Miriam, to teach us Torah. We were also joined by Ruth and the new Youth Education Director Elizheva. It was a good week of learning!