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Friday, April 17, 2015

HaShavuah - Nachshonim

April 17, 2015
28 Nissan, 5775
Shalom Nachshonim Families,
We had a very pleasant, and busy week at school. Here is what we have been up to.
Yom ha'atzmaut/Israel's Independence day
 -We are reading books about Israel including "It's Israel's Birthday". The children were inspired by this book and they made a pretend plane and flew to Israel. They gathered chairs in the room and lined them up facing the same direction. One child said they have the map. We had copilots.
-we have hung the degel Israel/ Israeli flag in the kitah. One child suggested we hang it on the window. 
-we had a look at some of Ofra's photographs from Israel. We saw images of Jerusalem, the shuk/market and yam/beach in Tel Aviv.
-we are painting with blue, the same blue we see on the flag.
-We have been talking about we know both Hebrew and English and we are comparing words of objects in both languages. 
-The children have been playing with toy tools indoors and outdoors. We had a chance to look at the preschool's real tool bag. We compared some of the real tools with the toy ones to see how they are similar.
-The children used the wooden hammers and golf tees (nails) in play dough.
-The children helped Ofra hang a frame on the hallway. We found the hammer in the nails in our tool bag.
-The workbench was set up in the play yard this week.
-Shaving cream and foam blocks for building in the sensory table. 
Play yard activities throughout the week:
-soapy water in the sensory table and tools to blow bubbles.
-Yarn and scissors in the sensory table. 
-Sand and water in our little turtle shaped pool. 
-Feathers and pom-poms in the sensory table. 
-Fire trucks and the fire station. 
-Sink and float in the sensory table. 
-Tinker toys, Tumbling mat, Tools
- Tea cups and plates and babies at the table. 
and more!
-Some art this week: Marble paintings on Monday morning, Liquid paint with eye droppers onto coffee filters on Thursday.
-We enjoyed the company of Nevonim children out in the play yard the week. We shared the yard with them a couple of times. We had some Nevonim children join us for lunch.
-At circle time, we like to sing the aleph-bet. Vered brought Aleph-Bet cards with pictures of the letters that create an image to share with us. We have read a few books about sleep and most of the characters in the story are wearing Pajamas. We are preparing for pajama day next week.
Next week we look forward to celebrating Israel's birthday, pajama day, and a field trip to the park. 
Shabbat Shalom,
Ofra and Vered

HaShavuah - Nevonim

Hashavua ~ Nevonim

17 April, 2015 ~ Nisan 28, Omer 13

Hello, all, and welcome back!
   This week we have begun learning about Israel, in preparation for Yom Ha'Atzma'ut/Israel Independence Day. We're beginning to learn about Israel's many features and we will be celebrating her birthday! We have made a good start on our Israel "museum," which will stay up for another week. Thanks for your lovely contributions to our exhibit!
   We were also visited by Matt from from JNF, the Jewish National Fund/Keren Kayemet L'Yisrael, which plants trees in Israel and reclaims water, among other projects.We donated some tzedakah to JNF and have enough to plant a tree! We "traveled" to Israel, made passports and stamped them, built a Kotel/Western Wall, and made Israeli flags. We did salt art, after learning about Yam HaMelach, the Dead Sea.
Other highlights:
  • A green caterpillar visited our garden!
  • Picture day with Roots & Shoots
  • New words: flag/degel. Caterpillar/zachal.
  •  Beading!

Reminder: Field trip Wednesday to Lawrence Hall of Science

Shabbat Shalom U'mevorach!
Ruth, Judy, and Inbal

Friday, April 3, 2015

HaShavuah - Nachshonim

April 3, 2015
21 Nissan, 5775

Shalom Nachshonim families!

We did a lot of activities this week related to the upcoming chag/holiday of Pesach. Including lots of reading and storytelling and lots of songs. Here are the highlights of our week. 
-Colin spent Monday with the Nevonim when Ofra was out. He brought his mandolin his guitar and picks.
-The children helped make documentation boards this week. One with images of the kids at the park. They helped by making a collage for the background. The other is a documentation board about Purim and we asked the children to share some thoughts for us to write next to the pictures. 

Play yard activities:
-outside we did some spring cleaning. We washed dishes and cars.
-We also played soccer 
- Pretended to go camping.
- Cars and the giant cardboard tube as a ramp. 
- Ice with flowers inside in the sensory table. 
- Lots of ooblek in the sensory table on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

- On Thursday, we took a field trip to Strawberry Creek Park. We met Sake the dog again! We also met Ofra's neighbor, Gary who was walking his dogs as well and playing his violin. His friendly dogs let us pet them. 

Pesach activities:
-We cleaned the Kitah of chametz this week. We cleared off all the shelves and wiped them all down. We swept and we wiped down the chairs.
-On Wednesday we made a nut free charoset for the children to take home. It is kosher for Passover. 
-On Thursday, we dipped parsley in salt water  just as we do at the Pesach Seder. We talked about the meaning of this and we mentioned that the tears that the Israelites shed were salty, and so are ours. 

-On Friday, there was a small amount of children at school. We shared the yard with the Nevonim and we enjoyed having a picnic with them out in the play yard for lunchtime.

-We did not eat challah bread at our pretend Shabbat this week because Shabbat is also the first day of Passover.

May you all have a pleasant holiday and we look forward to hearing about your time off when we see your children again after we return. 

Shabbat shalom v'chag smeach!
Ofra and Vered 

Friday, March 27, 2015

HaShavuah - Nachshonim

March 27, 2015
7 Nissan, 5775

Shalom Nachshonim Families,
Please excuse my delay in getting this important information to you. I have not been able to send Hashavuah the last two Fridays. So I will fill you in, starting a few weeks ago.

Week of March 9-13
- We celebrated Eliana's 3rd birthday. We ate a special birthday snack that she brought in to share with us. Mazal Tov Eliana! -We celebrated in Nadav's birthday on Friday. We ate a special snack that he brought in to share with us. Mazal Tov Nadav!
-Melita came to sing with us on Tuesday and Menachem came to sing with us on Wednesday
-The children are making rainbows on the ceiling by reflecting sunlight off of the CDs we have in the science area. 
-The magna tiles have been in our kitah and the children have been building with them. 
-On Wednesday, we cooked pancakes. The children got interested in the spatula that Vered was using and we went to the kitchen and found many spatulas. We brought them into the kitah and the kids got to play with them. 
-We continue to hang the artwork on the wall.-We played with shaving foam on our tables. 
-We brought in some tulips we found in the social home leftover from a bat mitzvah.
-We are talking about how we can take care of our play yard by making sure we keep sensory read materials in the sensory table.
-We took a field trip to Strawberry Creek Park and to the community garden. The children nibbled on some greens and help Ofra water the garden her plot. Thank you so after Savta Malka, Savta Mali, and Saba Dani for your assistance!
-Play yard activities. 
     Blue water and seashells in the sensory table. 
      Bristle blocks. 
      Painting in the play yard. 
      Lots of shredded paper in the sensory table!
      Balance beam. 

Week of March 16-20
-We celebrated Oliver's 3rd birthday last week with a special snack. Mazal Tov Oliver!
-Social hall play in the morning with corks from wine bottles. And of course the plastic chairs that are always in the social are always lots of fun. 
-A child came to school with a tool belt on, we decided take our tool bag down and observe the tools inside.
-We enjoyed Judith's company this week as she subbed for Vered while she was away in LA.
-play dough and scissors. 
Keshet/ Rainbow explorations continue. 
    Continuing to play with our CDs and creating rainbows on the ceiling. 
     We sang songs about rainbows at circle time with picture cards.       we made a rainbow by putting liquid paint in glass jars in the order of the color spectrum.
      Before putting it on the windowsill, we took colorful blocks from our basket and sorted them by color according to the colors in the                jars. 
-singing with Melita and Menachem. 
-we made smoothies for snack out of fruit and juice. We got to learn about how the blender works. We talked about how we the blades are Chadim/Sharp and we can only put the food inside. 
-We are reading books about Pesach including "Miriam and Her Brother Moses", which describes the story of baby Moses and he became an Egyptian Prince.  Also "My 1st Passover Board Book" that very simply describes the story and the rituals of Pesach. 
-The children have been playing with cleaning supplies that came from the Pesach materials box. We talked about Chametz and how we clean our house of certain foods before Pesach. 
-We added water to the shredded paper that we played with last week in the play yard. We played with the wet paper in the sensory table all week long. 

This Week!
We had a chance to taste matza at snack time.. We have talking been continue to talk about Chametz and the foods we do not eat during Pesach.
-we talked about how people clean their house at pics of time to remove all of the Chametz, every last crumb. We have dusters and dust pans in the kitah and we plan to clean the kitah of Chametz next week.
-Some Pesach books we have been enjoying are "Where is the Afikomen", "Company's Coming", and "My First Passover" by Tomi De'Paolo. 
-We have two afikomen covers in the kitah, with pretend matza inside (cardboard). We have been hiding and seeking this afikomen.
-The children have been building with our cardboard bricks. The children remembered that in the story of "Miriam and her Brother Moses", they are pictured as brick makers. 
-We made and drank lemonade with lemons from Lauren's tree.
-We took a field trip to Berkeley Way Mini Park on Wednesday. Todah Emah Elana for joining us.
-We played with colorful foam paint on the table.
Thanks for reading!
Shabbat Shalom,
Ofra and Vered 

HaShavuah - Nevonim


27 March, 2015 ~ 7 Nisan, 5775​

Pesach Projects proliferated this week!
  • K
    s Pesach
    ​decorated ​
    ​They can be used for Kos Eliyahu/Elijah's cup or Kos Miryam/Miriam's cup. NOTE: Handwash, and only on the inside.
  • ​Torn paper 
    ​about the Y
    ​/Sea of Reeds​
    ​ and the Jewish people walking through it on dry land​
  • We practiced cleaning for Pesach! 
  • We made M
    za Pizza! 
  • Using cloth, fabric paint and batting we made pillows for reclining
    mesubin at our Seders. 
  • ​We practiced the Four Questions and learned a special song about the order of the Seder with hand motions.​
  • ​We made paper and ​s
    ock puppets for Pesach. 
  • ​We made paper Seder plates.​
  • We were
    ​ avadim/​
     and made
      without straw. 
  • We read
    ​The M​
    in the
    ​, one of Ruth's favorite books
  • We made
    Pesach book using our own easel paintings.
  •  In book club, we read the
    ale from Algeria.
  • We made paper and bricks from slurry. 

In the garden ...
  • We transplanted corn
  • We picked
     and pea shoots
    ​ and pods, and ate a salad!​
  • We made lemonade from the GIANT lemons from Lauren's house.
In the community ... 
  • We visited the library for stories with Nora and went to Berkeley Way Mini Park.
Shabbat Shalom U'Mevorach!
Judy, Ruth, and Inbal

Friday, March 20, 2015

HaShavuah - Nevonim

20 March, 2015 ~ 29 Adar, 5775
Hello, all. Here are some highlights of our week ...
As we think ahead to Peach ...
  • We made bag puppets of Pesach characters! 
  • We have been singing the Ma Nishtana
  • We have been learning the order of the Seder with hand motions, and acting out the story of Baby Moshe.
  • Making Haggadot has been exciting 
  • Nile mosaics have been created with rocks, reeds/yarn and blue glue! 
  • Matz brei, and even baking our own matzah in under 18 minutes!
  • What happens when you pour colored sand in layers into jars? 
In the garden ...
  • Some Nevonim chose to spend time outdoors and eat lunch with the Nachshonim class.
  • Planting Truffula seeds-what will sprout?
  • We made a salad out of the greens we are growing.
In the kitah ...
  • We have been talking about and demonstrating flexibility
  • We made goop out of glue water and borax-- fun! It looked like clouds in a blue sky.
  •  We are continuing to Challa-it-Forward by making challah for community friends and neighbors.
This Shabbat is a 3-Torah Shabbat as we mark
Rosh Chodesh and the approach of Pesach.
Shabbat Shalom!
Judy, Ruth and Inbal

Monday, March 16, 2015

HaShavuah - Nevonim

March 12, 2015 ~ Adar 22, 5775
     What a week in the kitah and out! It began with the exciting news: Anna had a tinoket/baby girl! We made a card today that said mazal tov/congratulations, and drew pictures of Anna both pregnant and nursing and eating ice cream with her daughter.
     Spring has sprung!  We planted kale, corn, pea, cucumber, and squash zera'im/seeds. We figured out how to set up a "root view" to watch seeds grow roots/shorashim. We made flower/prachim art of all kinds, using tulip petals and paint. Come pet our chia cat and see our adzuki beans sprouting!
   We did beading work in the afternoon. In book club, we read a book about becoming a big brother! We also read a Passover chapter in Danny Loves a Holiday.  We started reading books about Pesach - Passover. 
     In small groups we are talking about trees we liked. We drew them as well, observing the olive trees in front of the Beit Knesset/synagogue.

Shabbat Shalom u'mevorach,
Judy, Ruth and Inbal

Welcome to the Netivot Shalom Preschool! For more information, please contact Lauren Kindorf, our CNS Preschool Director at preschool@netivotshalom.org or 510-549-9447, ext. 110.

Our friend Josh visited school today and brought his oboe!