Congregation Netivot Shalom Preschool seeks to create a stimulating and enriching educational environment for each and every child.
We are devoted to helping children learn socialization skills, building their self-confidence and teaching them the preliminary skills to explore and experience the world independently from their parents.
In addition, we seek to ignite a spark in each child to lay claim to her or his Jewish heritage and commit him or her to a lifetime passion for learning.

Friday, May 17, 2019

HaShavuah May 17, 2019

HaShavuah May 17, 2019 We had a lovely week of Chaverut (Friendship) and Kriah (Reading). Many parents came to join us. Melita has laryngitis so did not come, but we wish her r'fuah shleimah. At Ma'agal Shabbat we continued to count the Omer, today was day 27. We also practiced our song Mah Tovu for the 30 Anniversary party on June 2nd. In Nachshonim we had fun with new puzzles and books. We celebrated Rafael's 3rd Birthday. We did water color art. We looked at Oggy at circle time and moved him to a better cage. In Nevonim we planted barley as we continue to count the Omer. We also cooked and ate barley. We talked about how in ancient times people would count the barley and their blessings at the same time; we talked our gratitude and how we show this through tzedakah, using our blessings to help others. We made our own paintbrushes and painted with them. Naava's abba, Assaf, read to us at circle time in Hebrew, a wonderful book called Mitz Petal. Rafi's ema, Mira, read to us on Friday two great books Jamboree, and a book about watermelon seeds. In the afternoon, some of the older children took a walk to the West Branch Berkeley public library as we explore the theme of reading during this Read-A-Thon month of May.

Friday, May 10, 2019

HaShavuah May 10, 2019

HaShavuah May 10, 2019 4 Iyar 5779 The week started with a wonderful round of conferences. Thank you to all the teachers for their hard work and the parents for participating. Our focus all week was on Israel since Yom Ha'Atzma'ut, Israel Independence Day, took place on Thursday. In both classes children read lots of books about Israel, sang songs about Israel and enjoyed Israeli food. Rabbi Chai came to teach both classes a new song that we will be performing at the 30th anniversary on June 2nd. Some of us got to witness a scissor lift in the sanctuary as the very high light bulbs were changed. When the bulb in the Ner Tamid was changed. We talked about how the eternal light is a symbol that G-d is always with us, and Aryeh said with great reverence, "God is in the forklift!" We also notice the aleph on the Ner Tamid. At Ma'agal Shabbat we counted to 20 with Rabbi Chai and Moses and Miriam to mark the 20th day of the counting of the Omer. We also learned about Rabbi Hillel who stood on one foot and taught the whole Torah with one phrase, "treat people as you want to be treated". We all got up and stood on one foot to practice this. As our value for the month is Chaverut, this was especially relevant. In Nevonim, we made a group art project of a giant Israeli flag (proudly displayed in the hallway). We learned the word dehgel (flag) and saw how the design came from the tallit. We made a huge Israeli salad that we shared with Nachshonim. We started talking about the Read-A-thon and our goal of reading one hundred books! We read the book Press Here (and its sequel) in anticipation of our field trip on Thursday. Thank you to Felisa and Bella (Alexandra's grandma) for coming with us. We had a fabulous time, taking the bus and then being wowed for an hour by a high energy, interactive performance that we are still talking about. A few dots from the play are still showing up in our kitah, even making an appearance on Rafi S' and Alexandra's challah bag decoration! We also had a joint birthday celebration for Itamar and Reef, as well as a parade for Israel's birthday. In Nachshonim, in honor of Yom Ha'Atzmaut we made blue play dough. We glued blue stripes and triangles on paper in an exploration of the Israeli flag. We looked at the Israeli flag and compared it to the American one. We sang lots of Israel songs with Melita on Thursday.

Friday, May 3, 2019

HaShavuah May 3, 2019

HaShavuah May 3, 2019 28 Nisan 5779 It was a lovely reunion to see everyone back and refreshed after Passover vacation. The Jewish value we are emphasizing this month is appropriately enough Chaverut (friendship). We started off the week with a wonderful spring treat, thanks to Aryeh's mother (and grandmother); we released hundreds of ladybugs into our garden. We enjoyed having them crawl on our hands, seeing them fly away, and knowing that they will be helping our garden stay safe from aphids. We also learned the Hebrew word for ladybug (chilazon). We sang with Melita, using drums to sound like a heart beat, and singing lots of rainfall songs and kitty cat songs. During Ma'agal Shabbat, Moses and Miriam and Rabbi Chai helped us count to 13 since this is the 13th day of the counting of the Omer (marking the 50 days between Pesah and Shavuot). In Nevonim we have started counting the Omer ourselves every day using wheat stalks. We also tried using a mortar and pestle and a food processor to grind the wheat. We talked about threshing, winnowing and planting. We read lots of library books as we are gearing up for the May Read-A-thon. We enjoyed Abba Lior's visit to our class with his music, instruments and sense of fun. In Nachshonim, we did lots of gluing and we made salad spinner art. We hung some of our sand art on the walls. We had lots of water play. We went to join Nevonim to hear Lior (Reef's Abba) play music with us. We also ate a picnic lunch with Nevonim.

Friday, April 12, 2019

HaShavuah April 12, 2019

HaShavuah April 12, 2019 7 Nisan 5779 As this is the last Friday before Pesah, we are focused fully on this upcoming holiday. A reminder that we will be closed April 19th-26th for Pesah (that includes Friday the 19th!). Everyone enjoyed the spring weather this week as we had many outdoor picnics, water play and even an afternoon walk to the creek. Melita told us the Passover story through song. In Nevonim, we put great effort into making individual Afikomen holders for children to take home and use at their Seders. We played lots of Passover games, matching ones and story-telling ones. We perfected singing "Ma Nishtanah" and are excited to keep working on it next week! We had a fun outing to Strawberry Creek Park on Thursday. In Nachshonim we made new yellow (desert colored) playdough. We have been playing "basket black" as a way of cleaning up. We keep singing Pesach songs like "Mah Nishtanah" and "Dayenu" and telling the Pesach story.

Friday, April 5, 2019

HaShavuah April 5, 2019

HaShavuah April 5, 2019 29 Adar II We are now in the month of April, focusing on Derech Eretz . We have also started Pesah learning in both classrooms. We have been practicing with Rabbi Chai and Tati our "Bang, Bang, Dig, Dig" song for tomorrow's Preschool Shabbat. We also sang Passover songs with Melita and enjoyed a little more spring rain. In Nevonim, we have started learning the 4 questions for Pesach with hand movements. We have been making spring necklaces for the classroom and we made delicious (nut-free) charoset which children took home to enjoy before Pesach (as it is not kosher for Passover). We learned Hebrew words tamar (date) tapuach (apple), agas (pear) and teheynah (fig). We continued to reinforce the Pesah story in many different ways. In Nachshonim we explored many of the Ten Plagues: we made red oobleck to represent the blood in the Nile. We looked at the pupils in our eyes to see how they change size when we flash a light in the eye. We made communal paintings. We played with frogs jumping in playdough. We played with bugs in sticky foam. We heard the story of baby Moses and the women of his life (Yocheved, Miriam, Batia). We talked about how Moses asked Pharoah to let his people go and what happened next. We told the story of Nachshon (like our name!) who was first to cross the Sea of Reeds. We have been hiding our pretend Afikomen and looking for it.

Friday, March 29, 2019

HaShavuah March 29, 2019

HaShavuah March 29, 2019 22 Adar II We had a lovely week of talking about spring. We also had a very successful Picture Day - thank you to parent volunteers Leah Edelstein, Talia Nagar, Brenna Strauss, and Mira Goodman, and a huge thank you to Judit Pap for volunteering her talents. We all look forward to seeing the photos! For children who were not here or did not want their picture taken, we will be scheduling a make-up day and will let you know when it is. In Nevonim, we talked about Spring (Aviv). We have been watching our parsley sprout slowly and our wheat grass sprout amazingly quickly. We learned the Hebrew word for parsley (karpas), berries (tutim), blueberry (oochmaniah) and egg (beytzah). Judy talked about the connection between spring time and eggs. We studied eggs and other baby animals. Wednesday Reef's Abba Lior came to lead us in a fabulous music circle - he brought his drum, a big guitar ,and a tiny guitar (that makes a beautiful sound), and lots of percussion instruments for children to use. He mimicked a heart beat rhythm and we made rain on his big drum with our fingers. On Thursday Melita sang tree and fruit songs with us. We had strawberries for snack since it is a spring food and we created spring artwork for our door. We started practicing the first of the 4 questions in anticipation of our learning that begins next week. In Nachshonim we decorated bowls for ourselves since we have been pretending to be puppies. We had fun with playdough. We made tails for some of our puppy kids. We made leashes for our stuffy puppies. We made trains, pushed one another on chairs and played Scooby Doo in the social hall. We had lots of manipulative play - building with blocks and playing with trains.

Friday, March 22, 2019

HaShavuah March 22, 2019

HaShavuah March 22, 2019 15 Adar II 5779 What a fabulous week of Purim fun we had! Both classes created many projects and tried on many costumes and lots of facepaint. We celebrated together on Thursday with a parade around the building, singing and delivering Misloach Manot, then we all sang and danced together with Melita in the Sanctuary. In Ma'agal Shabbat Moses and Aaron (with the help of Rabbi Chai) talked to us about Leviticus and how it has a lot of laws and rules in it. In Nevonim, we made filling for Oznei Haman (hamantaschen), we learned about the Hebrew letter Taf - that starts the word for date/tamar, for apple/tapuach, for picture/t'munah, for potato/tapuach adamah. We made hamantaschen in a great frenzy of baking. A big Todah Rabah to Aliza Weiss for making the dough for us! We decorated and filled Misloach Manot bags to give to families and synagogue staff, and we planted wheat seeds. In the afternoon we had lots of large motor fun with the ninja line and wooden rollers and we made ephemeral art with glass squares and natural materials. In Nachshonim we finished making our groggers, filling them with beads and taping them. We practiced using them every time Haman's name is said. We painted our faces (and many other parts of our bodies...). We had great fun at the Purim parade.