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Friday, May 22, 2015

HaShavuah - Nevonim

Hashavua ~ Nevonim
May 22, 2015 ~ Sivan 4, 5775
Omer 48
What a busy week, full of revelations, as we greet the upcoming festival of Shavuot/Feast of Weeks. The holiday begins this Saturday night!
Rabbi Kelman, who is also a Torah scribe, pointed out the crowns on Torah letters. We got to hold parchment/klaf and quills and even kiss the Torah!
We made oogat gevina/cheesecake, a favorite Shavuot treat, to remember the Land of Milk and Honey, and the fact that many baby animals drink mothers' milk in the spring.
What is like to grind wheat/heeta? We found out by identifying the stalk, seed head, seeds, and chaff. Hard work, using a mortar and pestle!
We visited Strawberry Creek Park for some play, and Ofra's community garden bed! We saw bees in action at the hives, birds, worms, and plants of all kinds. We tasted Ofra's kale, and she made us tea from her lemon thyme. We saw poppies, lemon and apple trees, artichoke plants, and climbed into a teepee made of branches. On the way, we passed all kinds of playing areas, including soccer, tennis, basketball and volleyball courts.
Here are some highlights of Nevonim-generated 10 Commandments: 
Don't hit.
Don't steal.
Chew with your mouth closed.
No kicking.
Have toys at home.
Don't fight.
Give the 10 Commandments to someone else.
Don't touch fire.
Love your mom, dad, and grandpa.
Don't push
Don't snatch
Don't let strangers into your house
Don't let robbers into your house
Don't go into someone else's house if they don't want you to
Don't touch a paper with glass , if not you get poisonous
Don't put paint on someone else's arm
Don't kill other people
Don't break other people's buildings
Words to live by!
Shabbat Shalom and Chag Samayach!
Judy, Ruth, and Inbal

Friday, May 15, 2015

Hashavuah - Nevonim

Hashavua ~ Nevonim
May 15, 2015 ~ Iyar 26, 5775
                                           Omer 41
This week's highlights:
  • The theme of opposites has emerged from a number of different events ..
    • Discussing mixed messages, opposites, when say "You are my friend, you aren't my friend,"
    • Studying nocturnal and diurnal animals, opposites, and their habitats after our trip to the Lawrence Hall of Science, and 
    • And talking about doing the opposite of what you were asked to do.

  • With this theme running strong ...
    •  We read Mitz Petel, a wonderful Israeli children's tale and the subject of the June 7 puppet show at CNS, and found all the opposites in the story,
    • We ate lunch in the morning and snack in the afternoon! Opposite of what we usually do!
    • We played Mah Hahefech/What is the opposite? and came to find the children had a great deal of Hebrew vocabulary to describe the opposites they found.
    • We did opposite art with dark and light, and
    • We played the "silent and loud" game listening to the opposite sounds.

  • Other activities this week included ...
  • Tracing our bodies on large paper and decorating the figures, 
  • Celebrating Kaila's birthday with strawberries and cream - YUM!
  • Reading Danny Loves a Holiday: Lag Ba'Omer, Cheesecake for Shavuot, and  Wooden Sword in book club,
  • Having a Pajama Day, and 
  • Planting green beans and harvesting our pea crop.
Next week we will engage in many Shavuot-related activities as we mark the end of the Omer period, the spring harvest, and the Giving of the Torah.
Shabbat Shalom U'Mevorach!
Judy, Ruth, and Inbal

Monday, May 11, 2015

Hashavuah - Nachshonim

May 10, 2015
21 Iyar, 5775
Shalom Nachshonim Families,
We had a very eventful week, including the chag of Lag B'Omer. Here are the highlights of what occurred at school this week.
-We continued our communal painting that we started the previous week. Paint, and then collaging with paper, yarn and glue. 
-At circle time, we did havdallah together. We talked about many different things that can be used as besamim.

-Tuesday morning we started our day by smelling different kinds of things like cinnamon, cloves, oregano, rosemary and fennel. We put them in empty salt shakers for us to use in the science area.
-outside in the sensory table we had squeeze bottles with soapy water.
-Melita and Menachem both came to sing with us this week.
-We had Ooblek in the sensory table for most of the week.
-The tent was set up outside in the play yard. Preparing for Lag B'Omer, we moved the tent inside and we pretended to have a bonfire. 

-On Wednesday, we had Elana, Etai's mom and Becca, Oliver's mom, join us on the field trip to strawberry Creek Park and Ofra's community garden. We saw bees, flowers and food. We ate kale and nibbled on parsley.-on our field trip to the garden, we collected some lemon thyme and we made tea upon our return to drink at lunchtime. We talked about the besamim we were smelling the day before and how the lemon thyme can also be used as besamim for havdallah.
-On Lag B'Omer, we ate baked potatoes at snack. We pretended to roast marshmallows made out of sticky foam in our pretend bonfire.
-We decided to eat lunch outside on Lag B;Omer. We were happy to discover that the Nevonim had built a pretend bonfire in the play yard. We ate around it.
-on Thursday we hung our communal piece of art. We spent three mornings working on it together. 
-we shared the play yard with the Nevonim on Friday

-ping-pong balls in the play yard.
-we prepared a little something for all the Emahs for the holiday of Mother's Day.
We look forward to another week of exploration and play.
Shavuah Tov,
Ofra and Vered

Friday, May 8, 2015

HaShavuah - Nevonim

Hashavua ~ Nevonim
May 8, 2015 ~ Iyar 19, 5775
Omer 34

What a week to play and grow
From chilly to sunny, but rain? Sadly, no.
Here is what kept us busy each day, 
We learn so much when we play:

Omer counting, 7 in a group
We counted blocks and stalks, and weeks--
whoop whoop!

Learning about Rabbi Akiva, who taught
That sharing and kindness is what we ought
To do each day, not just Lag ba'Omer
But every time we have an encounter.
Making it "count" is what's chashoov*
We need to be friendly to stay in the groove.

We went to the park, we ate roast potatoes
We strung beads and bracelets for fingers and toes.
And todah rabah to Abahs Yoav and Brett
who joined us at the park inspite of the threat they would get wet.

Watercolor, ooblek, attaching string to paper
Watching a green butterfly -or moth?- at its caper.

Notice below, our "Spotlight on Lunch"***
We bring healthy foods, we grow a bunch.

Shabbat Shalom u'Mevorach
Have a wonderful weekend and then a gutvoch!**
Judy, Ruth, and Inbal
"​*Hebrew for "important
**Yiddish for "a good week"
***Send us your top 5 for our updated parent handbook!
Photos to follow!

Monday, May 4, 2015

HaShavua'im - Nachshonim

Hashvua'im/ The two weeks
May 4, 2015
15 Iyar, 5775
Shalom Nachshonim Families,
We have not had a chance to fill you in on what we have been up to the last couple of weeks. Here are the highlights of what took place at school.
A couple weeks ago
Yom Ha'atzmaut:
-Out in the play yard the children were able to make a Degel Israel/ Isrealli flag. We then took them indoors and they are now hanging on the wall in the back of the room.
-As we explored and learned about Israel, we made hummus on Monday morning to eat the following day at snack time. The Nevonim made the Israeli salad we ate with it.
-We extended our art project from the previous week and the children drew with oil pastels on top of their acrylic paintings in blue and white, inspired by the degel Israel.
-We did a group of art project with various blue materials.
-We looked at real images of Israel in a book we have on the shelf and photographs that Ofra brought in to share.
-Havdallah on Monday at circle time!
-It's Israel's birthday! On Yom Ha'atzmaut, the children played with play dough and craft sticks in the morning and some of us made birthday cakes.
-At lunchtime, we made a pretend cake and lit a candle for Israel. Colin played his mandolin for us as we sang happy birthday and Yom Huledet Sameach in Hebrew.
-Pajama day on Wednesday. The children spent the morning with blankets and pillows and were very engaged with the flashlights. We read a lot of books about sleep and we sang nighttime songs.
-On Thursday, we went on a field trip to strawberry Creek Park. We saw Sake the dog again! His owner, Alan, let us throw Sake's Frisbee.
-We baked challah and decorated our challah bags out in the play yard. 
-Cacao mulch in the sensory table. 
Last week
- On Friday, we celebrated Elia's 3rd Birthday. We celebrated with a special snack of delicious berries. Mazal Tov Elia!
Beach Day on Thursday:
-On Monday, the children played in our turtle pool full of water. We were inspired and we decided to have beach day on Thursday.
-As we talk about beach day and the ocean. We explore how we can use water for watercolor paintings.
-On beach day, the children got wet! They dipped their heads in the water and laid out on beachtowels.
-We had a close look at several seashells and driftwood that were found on the beach.
-We have been reading many books about the beach and the ocean. We have looked at many books that have see creatures and as we explore further. 
On Tuesday, the kids played with kinetic sand.
-Beads and pipe cleaners. The children made bracelets.
-There was a large collection of sticks in the play yard. There was also the pop up tent in the corner of the yard. The kids piled the sticks next to the tent and called it a campfire.
-On Friday, we started a large communal piece of art that we will continue to work on before we hang it on the wall.
-Vered and Ofra enjoyed spending a bit of time with adults. Thank you all for taking time to meet with us on conference day. 
More to come!
Shavuah tov,
Ofra and Vered

Friday, May 1, 2015

Hashavua ~ Nevonim

1 May, 2015 ~ Iyar 12, Omer 27

​This was a very full week, as we extended our interest in and exploration of animal homes from last week:
  • We looked at birds nests closely,
  • We searched for animals and their homes in our neighborhood and found:
  • a spider web,
  • a cocoon,
  • a bee,
  • an ant,
  • a beetle, 
  • a spider,
  • and a fly.
We examined sea animal dwellings! 
ew words: ​Yahm-sea. Shablul -slug. Tzadaf - shell.​
​     ​
We built bird feeders.
​ This involved designing and creating, and Nevonim came up with 5 separate ways of creating these feeders!​
​     ​
As we continue to appreciate the outdoors and the warm weather, w
e drew our yard ideas for
​our new outdoor classroom!
​We also engaged in ​w
ater and mud play
​ with lots of splashing.​
​We also ​
learned about
​the mitzvah 
in the Torah portion of Kedoshim
​ of making sure that people who are blind are safe. We looked at Judy's supplies from when she taught the blind, including a long white cane, special glasses, a blindfold, and photos from her training.​
​We heard stories about people who use these canes to walk and be safe.
​Shabbat Shalom U'mevorach!
Judy, Ruth, and Inbal​

Friday, April 17, 2015

HaShavuah - Nachshonim

April 17, 2015
28 Nissan, 5775
Shalom Nachshonim Families,
We had a very pleasant, and busy week at school. Here is what we have been up to.
Yom ha'atzmaut/Israel's Independence day
 -We are reading books about Israel including "It's Israel's Birthday". The children were inspired by this book and they made a pretend plane and flew to Israel. They gathered chairs in the room and lined them up facing the same direction. One child said they have the map. We had copilots.
-we have hung the degel Israel/ Israeli flag in the kitah. One child suggested we hang it on the window. 
-we had a look at some of Ofra's photographs from Israel. We saw images of Jerusalem, the shuk/market and yam/beach in Tel Aviv.
-we are painting with blue, the same blue we see on the flag.
-We have been talking about we know both Hebrew and English and we are comparing words of objects in both languages. 
-The children have been playing with toy tools indoors and outdoors. We had a chance to look at the preschool's real tool bag. We compared some of the real tools with the toy ones to see how they are similar.
-The children used the wooden hammers and golf tees (nails) in play dough.
-The children helped Ofra hang a frame on the hallway. We found the hammer in the nails in our tool bag.
-The workbench was set up in the play yard this week.
-Shaving cream and foam blocks for building in the sensory table. 
Play yard activities throughout the week:
-soapy water in the sensory table and tools to blow bubbles.
-Yarn and scissors in the sensory table. 
-Sand and water in our little turtle shaped pool. 
-Feathers and pom-poms in the sensory table. 
-Fire trucks and the fire station. 
-Sink and float in the sensory table. 
-Tinker toys, Tumbling mat, Tools
- Tea cups and plates and babies at the table. 
and more!
-Some art this week: Marble paintings on Monday morning, Liquid paint with eye droppers onto coffee filters on Thursday.
-We enjoyed the company of Nevonim children out in the play yard the week. We shared the yard with them a couple of times. We had some Nevonim children join us for lunch.
-At circle time, we like to sing the aleph-bet. Vered brought Aleph-Bet cards with pictures of the letters that create an image to share with us. We have read a few books about sleep and most of the characters in the story are wearing Pajamas. We are preparing for pajama day next week.
Next week we look forward to celebrating Israel's birthday, pajama day, and a field trip to the park. 
Shabbat Shalom,
Ofra and Vered

Welcome to the Netivot Shalom Preschool! For more information, please contact Lauren Kindorf, our CNS Preschool Director at preschool@netivotshalom.org or 510-549-9447, ext. 110.

Our friend Josh visited school today and brought his oboe!