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Thursday, October 1, 2015

HaShavuah - Nachshohim

HaShavua - Nachshonim
September 26, 2015 - Tishrei 13, 5776
Wonderful week full of holidays and play

Highlights from our week:
We continued to work on our community art, we added some colored paper with glue and more paint. You can see it hanging to your right when you walk in to our Kitah.
We celebrated Eliana’s birthday with treats that Brenna (Eliana’s mom) brought.  Eliana is now two and integrated quickly into our kitah.
We played with box cars and ramps outside.
We looked at the shofar, observing it’s size and texture and compared it to a toy Shofar.
We talked about Yom Kipur  - .. that it’s a great time to think about the people around us and to contemplate if we treat them the best that we can.
We enjoyed finger painting (very much)
We brought the boat/steps for extra movement inside our kitah.
We talked about Sukkot, read books and sang “Patish, Masmer”.  We also used our tools to build a pretend sukkah and went outside to watch the real sukkah getting built.

Metlita came with her guitar and we sang song, danced and heard the story of the ’Napping House’ 

We have started measuring how tall we are

We played outside with shredded paper 

And of course finished our week making Challah’s and enjoying time together with our community at pretend Shabbat.

Chag Sameach - Happy Sukkot
Anna and Vered

Friday, September 25, 2015

HaShavuah - Nevonim

HaShavua ~ Nevonim
September 25, 2015 ~ Tishrei 12, 5776

This was a fabulous week of learning of all kinds for the Nevonim, touching on Rosh HaShanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot! 
Here are some highlights:

  • We used our apple slicer and Ofra's dehydrator to make dried apple rings--delicious!!
  • We took small groups to find tzedakah boxes throughout the building. We gathered them and observed them, noting similarities and differences.
  • We investigated the food barrel, our biggest tzedakah box here at Congregation Netivot Shalom! We put some grape juice bottles in it.
  • We made our own tzedakah boxes!
  • We made "Rude Vegetable Stew" based on the eponymous Rosh HaShana book.
  • We heard the story of Yonah and the Big Fish.
  • We talked about Yom Kippur and gave each other band-aid stamps for hurt feelings.
  • We decorated the synagogue sukkah with chains and cardboard art.
  • We sang Sukkot songs with Melita and Menachem.
  • We used sandpaper to smooth our outdoor block set
  • We did an art experiment with chalk and glue.
Shabbat Shalom U'mevorach, and Chag Sameyach!
Nevonim Staff

  • No school Monday and Tuesday in observance of Sukkot
  • Sukkah Stroll, Thursday morning. Volunteers needed!

Monday, September 21, 2015

HaShavuah - Nachshonim

Highlights from our week:
We started to work on our communal painting
We painted outside and make hand and feet prints
Some of the books we’ve been reading - Maisy’s books, 10 Hebrew songs, My truck is stuck, From head to toe by Eric Carle in Hebrew, It’s ok book, Good-bye, Bad-bye, Mi Basade Mi Bayaar, and more.
We danced uga uga uga at circle time
Our friend Eliana came to visit the Kitah and stayed to play with us.  
We played with play-dough
Melita came with her guitar to sing and dance with us on Thursday
While making our Challah we made tunnels in the dough so the raisins won’t pop out
Enjoyed pretend Shabbat with Nevonim, Menachem and our community
Menachem was telling us the story of Jonah
Shabbat Shalom
Anna and Vered

Friday, September 18, 2015

HaShavua - Nevonim

HaShavua ~ Nevonim
September 18, 2015 ~ Tishrei 5, 5776

Aside from ice painting, finger painting, and q-tip painting, here are some highlights of our short week after Rosh HaShanah:
Shofar blowing with Judy's big shofar
Hearing the story of Jonah and the Big Fish from the rabbi, which we read on Yom Kippur

Our friends the bees were the subject of Beekeeper Alice's visit today!
First pretend Shabbat of 5776
At Strawberry Creek Park, we did Tashlich

Rimmon seeds/zraim of the pomegranate were enjoyed on  Ariella's birthday

Shabbat Shalom U'mevorach!
Judy, Ofra and Ruth 

Friday, September 11, 2015

HaShavuah - Nevonim

​​HaShavua ~ Nevonim
September 10, 2015 ~ Elul 26, 5775
What a wonderful first week in Nevonim! Our focus was on getting used to new routines, meeting new friends, and learning about Rosh HaShanah. We:
  • Made applesauce with a crank peeler/corer
  • Tasted at least SIX varieties of honey
  • Sang songs* and read books about apples, honey and the shofar
  • Enjoyed a Sephardic Rosh Hashanah Seder with special symbolic foods
  • Played in the courtyard with bikes, balls and even ICE!
  • Measured our own heights
  • Celebrated our first Pretend Shabbat with Menachem, our new Nachshoim friends and many family members
Shabbat Shalom U'mvorach! 
Shana Tova Umetuka

School resumes on Wednesday, September 16
 *Dip the apples in honey, say the bracha loud and clear
   Shana tova umetuka, Have a happy, sweet New Year
  Tapuchim ud'vash (apples and honey) l'Rosh HaShana (2x)
  Shana tova, shana metuka (2x)





Friday, June 26, 2015

HaShavuah - SUMMER FUN!

Welcome back to Summer Fun!

 This week we introduced our younger children to some of the Nevonim routines.
We also sang with Melita, made monkey pancakes, and practiced our dramatic skills with Khaled. We talked about flowers and seeds, and noticed the growth of our plants.
Some sunflowers are emerging!
Caitlin taught us about hooves and claws and talons.
Colin visited. We ate mango and enjoyed the sunshine!
Shabbat Shalom umevorach!

Friday, June 12, 2015

HaShavuah - Nevonim

6/12/15 ~ 25 Sivan, 5775
Our final HaShavua of the season--to celebrate, we have every reason!

Music with Melita, Pretend Shabbat, going to the library, Fathers' Day Art! 
We drew our houses, we made cards of support
We learned to play Gogo'im-- an Israeli kids' sport!
Happy Birthday, Yael! Water play! Gardening!
 BaDerech marked our culmination, there were songs to sing.
Mazal tov to all, what a wonderful year, 
Have a safe and fun summer! Your children are dear. 

Judy, Ruth, and Inbal

Welcome to the Netivot Shalom Preschool! For more information, please contact Lauren Kindorf, our CNS Preschool Director at preschool@netivotshalom.org or 510-549-9447, ext. 110.

Our friend Josh visited school today and brought his oboe!