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Monday, February 23, 2015


Come join Congregation Netivot Shalom in celebrating
on Sunday, March 1
from 11-2!
There will be games, food, prizes,
a Purim play (12:30), an UNTALENT show (12:45), a bounce house and more!
Come in your favorite costume and have some fun!
For any questions, email Molly Shapiro at molly@netivotshalom.org

Friday, February 20, 2015

HaShavuah - Nachshonim

February 20, 2015 1 Adar 5775

Shalom Nachshonim families,

Another wonderful week at our Kitah.  This week we’ve the pleasure of having Judith with us in the kitah and she will be with us again next week until Ofra returns the week after.  The kids love the crocodile counting game/song she sings with them.  They all go silent as soon as she starts and then they all jump in with the loudest sound they can make.

On Tuesday we carried on working on our communal art piece that we’ve started last week.  On Wednesday we hung it on our wall.  You can see it hanging on your right as you walk in.  It’s very avant-garde.

On Wednesday we also enjoyed Diana, Oliver’s 'nonny’ (grandma).  She had the kids captivated with a lot of books she brought with her.  All time favorite is the “The big hungry bear”.

We’ve been enjoying a mud bath outside (hence the muddy clothes in your kids cubbies.  Sorry about that, but once you see the joy on their faces when immersed in mud, you'll understand it’s so worth another load of washing.

Menachem came to visit and sang songs with us.  We took out our musical instruments and made a whole lot of noise.

We made individual art paintings with pastels and water colors.  We’ve noticed that the water colors doesn’t mix with the pastels.

At our pretend play area we enjoyed an apron and a chefs hat that Vered brought from home for us.  It inspired the kids to start a pizza restaurant.  They all worked together so beautifully.  Some were cooking, some were serving and some were the guests.  It was all self initiated and directed by the kids.  A complete delight.

Outside we sang a lot of songs with Judith while jumping on the trampoline or when we were rolling on the mats.

At circle time we read an interactive book called Coco the Croc.  It has a puppet attached to it.  The kids enjoyed it so much we had to read it again at circle time the next day.

We’ve been reading and talking about Purim.  We also danced to some Hebrew Purim songs at circle time.

Today we made our challah’s for Shabbat.  We practice counting the raisins,  identifying our names, the letters and the phonetic sounds associated with it.

We hope you have a healthy and happy weekend.

Shabbat Shalom,

Vered and Judith

HaShavuah - Nevonim

February 20, 2015
1 Adar 5775

Dear Nevonim Parents,

Last week ...

We said goodbye to Anna and welcomed Inbal into our kitah.  We were also joined by Ofra, which is a great treat for all the children.

On Tuesday, we went to Urban Adamah.  Thank you to all the parent drivers and chaperones.  We fed the chickens and the goats.  We collected eggs. We planted peas.  We picked peas and tasted kale.  We had a picnic under the tent.  We had a lot of fun and learned a lot.

We also traced our arms to make trees.  We learned the word Pereg - poppy seed.

We talked about what makes us happy.  We made happy books and we did happy dances.

This week ...

We made bead and wire sculptures over several days. We explored many new nature items that Inbal brought to the kitah. We also harvested and tasted our first crop of lettuces - then we said a shehechiyanu.

We welcomed in the month of Adar! We started telling the Purim story and reading Purim books.

In book club we finished reading Ellen's Lion and started reading Danny Loves a Holiday by Sidney Taylor.

Shabbat shalom,

Nevonim teachers,

 Anna, Inbal, Ofra, Ruth

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

HaShavuah - Nachshonim

Hashavua Sheavar/Last week
February 18, 2015 29 of Sh’vat, 5775

Shalom Nachshonim Families,

As promised we made Lemonade from the lemons of Lauren’s tree.  The kids were rolling them and juicing them.  We poured it into a big jug and added honey.  We then drank it for two days at our snack time.

While we were playing outside we started a communal painting.  We used pastels colors.  We brought it in and every day we stuck pieces of paper and strings which we cut with scisors  We used glue, glue sticks and paint.  Some of us had more paper stuck to our fingers than on the paper.

On Tuesday we made finger paintings in the Kitah, a great sensory activity.

We filled up our outside sensory table with blue bubbles and put a lot of our ocean animals in.

Melita came to sing songs with us.  We danced and used our musical instruments.

Colin substituted for us on Thursday.  He brought his Mandolin, he played for us and let us all try it. We noticed how similar it is to guitar.

Vered read us a new book in Hebrew she brought from home “Haachbar ve HaTapuach” (the mouse and the apple).  It’s a fun book about a mouse practicing being patient. We ended up liking it so much that we read it again a couple of days later.

Ofra brought her dehydrator machine from home.  We cut a whole bunch of fruit: Strawberries (tootim), Bananas (Bananot) and Apples (Tapuchim).  Ofra had a great idea to cut our bananas with an egg slicer.  That worked really well.  We placed the cut up fruit gently and neatly on the dehydrator trays and left them overnight.

On Thursday the dried fruit was ready.  We took it of the trays and ate it all.  It was a big hit and we’re thinking of doing it again soon.

I hope your week is going well,

We’ll send you an update soon about this week adventures,

Vered and Ofra

Monday, February 9, 2015

HaShavuah - Nevonim

February 6, 2015
Shvat 17 5775

Dear Nevonim Parents,

As you know we have had a busy few weeks with many new faces in the kitah.  Through it all we have continued to have fun and explore many themes especially Tu B’Shvat.
We collected leaves, we did leaf art, we did tree art, we made a list of how trees help us.  Many of these are on display in the kitah.  We started indoor gardening and have continued with our outdoor gardening.  We are preparing to sprout seeds on our chia cat.  We really enjoyed exploring a print of a tree cross section given to us by Pamela Waxman; it shows the many layers of the tree.  We counted 110 which means the tree was that many years old.

Last week we went to the library.  Thank you to Liora and Jenni who were able to come with us. 

This week in particular we had many special events;

On Monday, Liora Brosbe came in to share books with us about babies and how they grow since both she and Anna are expecting little on just one month.  On Tuesday we celebrated Tu bshvat with Melita by singing lots of tree songs.  On Wednesday, we had a Tu bshvat seder in the upstairs art room, with tablecloths that children made, table settings and a ceremony led by Jennifer Kirsch.  She taught us how to become the different parts of a tree.  We tasted and blessed tree fruits some that we can eat the inside or outside or both!  We had grape juice, coconut, pears, dates and we smelled citrus and cinnamon.  Later that day, Menachem came to talk to us about this week’s parashah Yitro.  On Thursday, Willa Mamet, a local artist and congregant, came to visit our kitah. She shared with us her collection of wooden Judaic art, some completed, but a lot in progress.  We looked at her mezzuzot cases that she carves with a shin from lots of different woods that she collects including persimmon, cherry, plum, Manzanita, willow and others..

In addition to all these special events, we had lots of emergent play including dinosaur bone hunting, pirate ships, building with giant cardboard blocks, play on our new trampoline and Friday rainy day fun.

We welcomed two new teachers Rinat and Inbal and enjoyed the company of substitutes Colin, and Sarah.  We also celebrated Fiona’s 5th birthday.
We made get well cards for Judy and we truly wish her a R’fuah Shleimah!

Shavuah Tov,

Nevonim Teachers

Friday, February 6, 2015

HaShavua'im - Nachshonim

HaShvua'im/The two weeks
February 6, 201517 Shvat, 5775

Shalom Nachshonim Families,

Please excuse us for not keeping you posted the last couple of weeks. Ofra does not have internet at home right now so sending an email is not quite the same.
We celebrated Tu B'Shvat this week and we had been doing a lot of learning and explorations of trees and things that grow. Here are the highlights of the last two weeks.

-Vered is home from Israel! We are so happy to have her back in the kitah.

Tu B'Shvat activities:
-We continued to water our wheatgrass as it got taller and taller. We gave Rena the wheatgrass we have grown and we watched her eat it, she lets us pet her when she is eating. She loves the wheatgrass, she eats like a lawn mower. We had a good look at the roots that grew from our wheatgrass and fill the little container with soil that they are growing in. We talked about how the other plants we have indoors and in the play yard have roots too, in the earth where we can't see them.
-We have some books about trees on our bookshelf including "Cheebook Dov"/Bear Hug, a story about a tree hugging bear in Hebrew. We also have "The Carrot Seed", "A Tree is Nice", "The Grand Old Tree", and more.
-We sang lots of Tu B'Shvat songs and songs about trees with Melita and during the week at mealtimes and circle time.
-We noticed that the Nevonim have planted many things in the garden out in the play yard.
-The children helped build a tree sculpture. We used our large branch that used to hang on the wall and other sticks, twigs and leaves we found outside.
-We then went upstairs to get stuffies from our storage, we found all of the toy animals that live in trees. The children are playing with the animals in our tree sculpture.
-We are playing with our new woodblocks made from beautifully polished pieces of wood and branches.
-On Tu B'Shvat, we looked at all kinds of wood. Wood blocks, wooden bowls, driftwood etc. We compared them and noticed that the bark looks different on different trees.
-Last week we germinated and sprouted sunflower seeds so that we could eat them ourselves and feed them to Rena. Rena chose not to eat the sunflower greens we offered her, maybe she doesn't like the way they smell. We cut the sunflower sprouts at the base near the soil, washed them and we ate them at snack time.
-This Wednesday, we went on a field trip to Strawberry Creek Park and to Ofra's community garden. We had Mimi, Eliana's mom and Becca, Oliver's mom join us. Todah Rabah/Thank you very much for your assistance. The children ate kale. parsley and lettuce.
-We observe the limonim/ lemons that Lauren brought into school from her lemon tree. Some where gigantic and some were very small.
-We are sprouting another round of wheatgrass for Rena to enjoy.

-Giant Legos in the play yard.

-We made and played with Ooblek.

-We are playing with our insect toys. There are many, many of them. We also have insect flashcards in the science area for us to learn and compare.

-Oliver's Savta/grandma Diana has come to spend Fridays with us in the kitah. She brought some books to share!

-We enjoyed a very special puppet show last week. Danielle the puppeteer showed us how his shadow puppets work and he told us three stories with his puppets.

-We had Nevonim visitors join us for play time outdoors and for lunch this week.

-We put together our brand new trampoline! The children practiced taking turns jumping on it.

Next week we will be able to tell you about the limonada/lemonade we are planning on making!
Shabbat Shalom,
Ofra and Vered

Welcome to the Netivot Shalom Preschool! For more information, please contact Lauren Kindorf, our CNS Preschool Director at preschool@netivotshalom.org or 510-549-9447, ext. 110.

Our friend Josh visited school today and brought his oboe!